chattery firstborn is quiet for 10 minutes. i see him flattened on the living room, colour pencil in hand.

me: what are you drawing?
firstborn: i dont know yet. i’ll know only when i have finished.

baby param can say now three words: amma and appa.
the third word he says is “chips” and goes and stands next to the fridge.

tell me. someone. anyone. where did i go wrong?


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  1. Alright i accept ,i am one of the lurkers to your blog to get the regular dose of laugh..and sometimes you made me realize -what a serious person I am

    Thank you very much for stopping by…

  2. @ FB – Psst, draw something, anything and then ask Amma to guess. And each time, she guesses, insist she is wrong. Have fun as she gets more and more worked up.
    @Baby P – And why, pray, have you not started to say ‘No’ yet? Even better than chips, trust me.

  3. I still use first born’s sentence at work too. As for the baby, you should have taught him Icecream and Chocolate..but looks like he is making progress with chips. Have faith, he’ll get there….:)

  4. Aiyo, he is saying “hips”. If you keep downing everything thats in the fridge, it will all go to your hips – Thats what he is saying.

    You got yourself a health cop and whatchu complaining about?!

  5. dude! that was my next post! Antus words are

    and she took so long to call her dad appa!! I have no hope! *shakes head*

  6. The little one is associating food with the fridge…which is a good thing….next time please show him it comes from the market…..I would have said farm….but the kids are too young to digest that fact….my son was very surprised to know that a milkman drops off the milk at our place & he in turn gets it from a cow !!! His belief was that milk came from a carton from a shop !!

  7. LOL. They’re perfectly fine thank you.

    FB’s comment reminds me of a book called Pranav’s Picture (Dips – thank you for that one! :). Everything these days reminds me of books – I think I’m spending too much time with Chox in the box

  8. MiM: LOL! you have two smart cookies there πŸ™‚

    @poppy: lurve pranav’s picture!
    yeah i realise we’re all over blogsville going ‘tulika’ ‘pratham’ ‘NBT’ ‘CBT’!!

  9. They are just as they should be.

    Fb: by asking him what he is drawing , you are essentially restricting his creativity. So let him be.

    baby P: Chips are vital.” Amma” & “Appa” are learnt so he can call to ask for more. He’s figured it all out.

    Be at peace. They are headed in the right direction.

  10. j.a.m.: am feeling pretty serious today myself. can understand where you are coming from…

    sands: they are normal. but how am i doing?

    Nitya: what firstborn said was an “arjunism” — first thing that popped into my mind, actually.

    guddi: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh!do people say that a lot around you?

    gauri: thank you. a warm line from a new reader, always always cheers me up.

    shyam/ Nino’s Mum: one of my mil’s way of doing things that i follow on auto gear.

    TPL: hips dont lie. chips dont lie. *which food does lie? and which body part?*

    Boo: ROTFL! lurrve tosht

    Neelum: even firstborn was a little horrified that milk came from the udders …

    poppy: chox should get esop’s from all of the above stores


    shruti: paradigm shifted. thanks:-)

  11. You mean why is he asking only for chip and not soda too? Sigh!! You teach them “soda” BEFORE “amma” and “appa” MiM!!! Agli baar dhyaan rakhna πŸ˜›

  12. in love: thanks for never taking my side (as usual;-)

    guddi: a swimming pool full of the stuff would be needed, no?
    guddi is heady. (i am quite a poet)

    ceekay: haan ji. jo aagya.

    sitm: hi!*waves*

  13. divz: thanks!!! am feeling very happy…
    i cant seem to read your blog… the Xmas decorations (wallpaper/?) seem to be hiding the words. (is it just my comp that needs to be fixed?)

  14. ohh, looks like the whole page doesnt load quick enough… it must be your internet rather than your comp. try opening it a few times(the same page that is) and then your computer will remember the page and load faster..
    see if it helps πŸ™‚
    i’ll try on my end to make it load faster

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