i like.

he needs me less. we laugh when one of us says octoger. he can eat pooris at saravana bhavan. he can be seatbelted. he will describe his ‘exclamation point’ moments. (and draw an invisible ! in the air…)

i turn around to thank him for waiting patiently while i de-loaded baby param’s pram.

only to find him busy. sticking his tongue out and licking the boot of a black corolla.


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  1. actually he was four in july. nino’s mum. but i was thinking that i like this year, much more than the previous ones…

    chox: :-!

  2. aah. thats precisely what i was thinking – hasn’t he been 4 for a while. then i blamed it on my muddled brains and was thinking of having a glass of kadak rasam to unmuddle. phew. they are a shade less muddled looks like. having the rasam anyway.

  3. blue mist: happy 4 is for his mum:-) the header is the gingerbread house from hansel and gretel, candies, chocolate, icing, cookies, drool

    chox: to think for you is to act, right? you are the kind who’ll change the world we live in. go get em

    r’s mom: i like four so much better than toddlerhood and infancy. it’s definitely less physically stressful …

    nino’s mum: we share that love for sinfully sweet, no?
    these were entries at a gingerbread house contest — made by 9 year olds and their mums. the houses are made of gems, cake frosting, bread-sticks, cookies…
    the reason why they are all still standing (and not devoured and ravaged by moi –all of it is way past the expiry date)

  4. I agree, I agree, I agree. Both with 4 being a good age and that 4 year olds lick cars.
    I have also been promised miracles at 6… and maybe they will stick to licking food?

  5. Black Corollas taste better than pink Jaguars 🙂 Yhere’s one such horror in Shrewsbury, supposedly a “girly” taxi. Only, the lady who drives it is anything but a girl, or girly. Think biker chic on a very, very round, very short person. 🙂

  6. Nitya: THE arjun licks cars? no. no way. i don’t believe you.

    j.a.m.: put loads of sugar, some honey, some jam and get out a book. cold cereal sounds yummier than pooris at s.b.

    shyam: :-hahaha

  7. Knowing the exclamation mark moment and then conjuring it up in the air- that calls for some serious applause and maybe, just for kicks, some car licking too. dont grudge him that.

  8. sur: he just licks cars — yep . i should see it in perspective… not like his brother who chews chappals

    MGM: birthday long over. but the celebration
    is still on ..

    revs: you should be able to hear the singing now. .. *it’s really LOUD*

    poppy: eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeyyyyyyyyyyyyyyuuuuuuu is right.

    JLT: hi thanks! i cant seem to comment on your blog because i dont have a blogger/google account. .. er. please help

    era:really not all uphill?

    sands: at last someone on my side. you are oasis, woman!

    t.p.l: one is that he saw an ! in print…

    bhu: the MiM household is in the midst of a tectonic shift. will update

    sue: 4 with its car-licking still scores over 3s and below. touchdown

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