melange in malaysia


for shruti/ t.p.l– lovers of art
and bhu — who’s seen the previous post 40 times…

apparently the flowers soaked in water is very typical of thailand, add to that the pookalam, which is very “Mallu” .

In this case the flowers were sewn on to glittery cloth and topped off with sequins and glitter. floral alchemy.

(spotted at a wedding here in Kuala Lumpur)


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  1. Beautiful. Many thanks MiM. MiM’s blog must have only such beautiful pix…The MMMiM picture must disappear soon. This time order not request

  2. wow, real nice..I like how they have improvised with the glitter and sewing. Next they should attach it to some battery/electrical device and it can be a zameen chakra for Diwali!!

  3. Saw the bigger pix too. Lovely…&Yes! I INSIST & not v difficult from dashboard edit posts option. MiM ‘d love me more in future πŸ™‚ for this

  4. chox2: lol!

    guddi: rofl! quite the guddi-ism. i want to work in whichever office you are working in.

    nivi: welcome back!

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