posting is henceforth going to be slow — my laptop suicide-bombed… (i think it’s all those SLR sized pix i kept taking…)
forced to use the husband’s laptop. and he’s going to be travelling. ergo.
will i survive?


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  1. havent they figured how to get onto the net without machines? i thought you just had to snap your fingers and FB would mark the exclamation.

    invent, woman, invent. we not ready for s.l.o.w.

  2. sur: lol! net without a machine would be fishing, no?
    i am s.t.u.c.k.!

    and firstborn is going to India. he’s packed all his ! with him.

    Bhu: recipe for end of MiM begins thus

  3. to come unstuck follow Bhu’s advice, but with stealth, and wear a cloak, be armed with a dagger.

    MMMiM will not know.

    But FB is off, with his bag full of exclamations and his view on things that MiM does. How can that be fixed?

  4. sur: good plan. but — am not into hand-washing all that much…hmm
    i’ll MISS my firstborn. *bawls*

    nino’s mum/guddi: my cell doesnt work. i just use it as a phonebook.
    telepathy posts, it is. watch this space. or rather dont watch this space.


  5. FB coming to india??? awwww… is this ur first time without him?? ((((((((hugssss)))))) hang in there. he’ll b back soon. n NO LAPTOP!!! how oh how will we get by without our daily dose of laughter!!! ..

  6. Takes the husband and child from the equation …gives you nuff time to ‘stand and stare’ in NM’s words …but breaks the laptop … wouldn’t you call it – God’s evil play???

    Catch up on the sleep lost over the last 4 years, perfect time, no :)?

  7. sands: what? how?

    shruti: yep. firstborn is closer to you than me…if we look at the map.

    er kamini said she’ll courier the book yesterday. so am sure she’ll do it within a week… sorry for the delay.*egad*

    dipster and chox: you two? and bollywood-ish reactions? naheeeeeeeeeeeeen!

    CA: laptop is a total goner. it was declared dead on arrival at the laptop hospital….

    revs: see am back. before you even missed me…

    sole: last 3 days. i slept like seven logs squashed under four elephants. i am bright and awake. and looking for my laptop. *bawl*

    nino’s mum: he’s there now. cycling. playing snakes and ladders, and not answering my calls…

    shyam/ nivi: “a good compliment — i can live on for two months,” mark twain, i think?
    i have four months worth now:-) thank you

    t.p.l.: and you’d read his blog instead of mine? traitor

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