children’s books you wont see


for chox2

~ You are Different And That’s Bad
~ Daddy Drinks Because You Cry
~ Strangers Have the Best Candy
~ Why Cant Mr Fork and Miss Electrical Outlet Be Friend
~ The Kid’s Guide to Hitchhiking
~ Controlling The Playground — Respect Through Fear

(from the dictionary of modern quotations. compiled by fred metcalf. penguin books)

I thought i’ll add my own…

~ Seven Ways To Torture Your Sibling. Your Mother Need Never Know
~ The Fully Illustrated Guide to Chewing Food Only in Slow Motion (CD-attached)

How bout you guys? Got any of your own


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  1. DIY-
    Poop only between diaper changes
    Stay awake only when mom wants to sleep

    Basically Easy step by step guide to turn parents grey/bald

  2. ROFL!

    The Importance of Being Curious (When Mom is doing VERY Important Things)

    Co-authored with Nitya: Questions to Ask Mom when she is in the Bathroom.

  3. divz: definitely a newyork times best-seller, that one!

    starry: rofl!

    kenny: 🙂

    shruti: twin-sharing basis. mmmim’s laptop. on condition that i dont introduce viruses.

    art: *hugs* sometimes i felt i wanted another episiotomy just to be under anaesthesia for four hours of sleep.

    chox: double trouble. lol!

    nivi: 🙂

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