the mmmim returns…


he dropped firstborn off in chennai.
then went to mumbai on work.
the man returned this morning.
i open the door.
baby param is gurgling.
and the mmmim asks:”where’s firstborn?”
please santa. for xmas: i want to have a short-term memory (just like the MMMiM’s).
(and a laptop)


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  1. this sunday, at noon, i hopped off a small blue car to dash across the road and buy a couple of beers. I dashed back, and began struggling with the car door- it was white and very large, and the man inside had a look of sheer panic.

    how is that for short term memory?

    MMMiM had a couple of days to clutter the brain. I had four minutes and a couple of bottles of UNOPENED beer.

    ps how are you coping without first born. i am off for a while without my only born. lower lip quivering already, mine.

  2. dipster: 🙂

    sur: pretty short. a few more such efforts and you are up there with your idol (mmmim)

    the mmmim, i predict, will be the worst-hit.
    parentingwise, he is really the more affectionate, kidolising(kid+idoliser), firstborn fan, huggy, bed-time story telling, entertainer.
    moi. i tend to be stoic.

  3. belongs to my father’s clan obviously! Appa routinely forgot to pick me up from school (once a week, after girl guides – for 9 years – how hard could that be to remember?) – it got to where I’d just start walking home anyway, knowing he’d get home and be sent back, we usually met about 2 kms from school 🙂


  4. Oh and just remembered these friends – they packed the baby bag, wipes, diapers, even a squeaky toy, locked the house and proceeded to the car. Suddenly remembered they’d forgotten the baby.

    p.s.: The guy thought it was hilarious and loved telling everyone the story. The woman guilted and guilted for ages over it.

  5. nino’s mum: baby param is making an effort to speak.
    firstborn drowned out all talk, when he was around. baby param is currently startled at the silence. and is rallying around trying to fill in the blanks.

    M: how pragmatic of you. i remember sobbing into the steps beside the stage (the spot where i waited) if amma was even seven seconds late.

    TPL: you are practically her siamese twin now.

    sands: you could. but this is a man to be venerated in 18 continents across the earth and various other universes. he washes the dishes.

    chox: lol! sounds strangely familiar… though. was that me? could be. except for the ‘guilt’ bit.

    divz/ JLT: there’s more… yesterday. he changed the sheets on firstborn’s bed, plumped up the pillows etc … and later realised sadly that firstborn was in India

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