the mmmim


is at his liveliest, happiest and sparkliest…when he’s at a beach.

(yay fact = figured out after six years of marriage. egad fact = all previous vacations were at Hillstations.)

(a photo from our recent trip to Labuan, Malaysia)


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  1. and i was wondering where u went !!! this time i banged on the white thing on the brown grill thing….but no action….i had come to return the red thing…
    how is labuan overall? good for a weekend or does one need more time?
    I personally love the mountains…fortunately the man loves them too along with the beach side fun !! The youngest member loves both…as long as he gets to run around n entertain himself in his own imaginary world !!

  2. nivi: 🙂

    shruti: nope. am not a hilly. i barf all the way on to the drive upto the top. ..
    we have utterly mismanaged our vacations thus far. gah.

    neelum: labuan is *sigh* lovely. neither of us wanted to come back. you 3 should go forth.

    o. am home from now till the end of the year. redthings welcome.

    Abha: lol!

    bhu: fb is in chennai travelling on electric train from pazhavanthangal to beach — and back all the way. with his patti. just for the heck of it.

    my dad’s patients are calling him Dr. (i think he is having a blast)

  3. It took us this long to figure out that there is a third option after mountains and beaches…forests! Before they’re all cut down we’re off to one 🙂

    How much sand did Baby Param bring back from the beach?

  4. Send me more pics…I’l sigh and ooh and aah and feel happy for you. Me? I’l be working during the holidays too! ‘Barely’ Christmas to me!

  5. starry: I just love your optimism. i dream of being your neighbour someday. for now i’ll have to settle for blogbuddy

    tpl: rofl. rofl. it didnt have sundal. but it did have some karthikai left over thengol urundais … that we took along. would you think that would be on par with sundal?

    sands: sit down for this one. he hadnt heard of Oprah Winfrey until we got married.

    meira: why?? you should be resting, gal.

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