firstborn in chennai


1. he can roll the dice as many times as he likes
2. his grandparents have to get down on snakes when they are close to 99
3. if he says dinner is just a slice of bread. it is.
4. chips with anything. chips with everything
5. he once said that the rasam was too salty (hey! my mum wouldn’t hear of food criticism from me — and she’s taking it from my son?)
(the kid i sent to chennai was one who ate rasam rice at dinner, was off T.V. for almost two months, and obeyed MY rules when we played snakes and ladders)

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  1. Hey fret not mon amie; FB is going through “the grandparents syndrome”. It affects one and all, it’s good for the health (for once) of both parties concerned.

  2. shruti: how the mighty have fallen. my parents i mean. (can’t imagine my mum standing for such blatant cheating )

    guddi: really? how come it doesnt work with my mum, then?

    divz: he’s having so much fun that he’s not even taking my calls.

    starry: i think so. baby param now thinks he is KING OF KL in firstborn’s absence.

    nivi: i told him it was bad for his eyes. and he bought that.
    (plus, t.v. in KL is not all that great and that helps too…)

    neelum: you still awake? it’s almost xmas.

  3. tpl: hey. that sounds like baby param’s portfolio

    Guddi: were you? wait a minute. or was i?

    AJ: good to see you back! AJ shaped hole in the blogworld is filled again

  4. Obviously grandparents are doing what they do best πŸ™‚ As for food and my mom, as long as I eat non stop mom is okay with chips or chakka varatti or ice cream any time of the day πŸ™‚

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