firstborn firstday


the scamp didnt recognise me at the airport. he thought i was some random cousin/aunty type. he was slipping away. he didnt let me hold him. not even once. he kept hiding behind my ma. laughing like crazy.

25 days apart. and he backspaced about four years together.


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  1. He’s in denial.. If he pretends to not see you, he doesn’t have to turn the tv off while eating.. He has paati to rescue him too! He’s all set now! πŸ™‚

  2. Yeah, Chox’s suggestion rocks! 4 yr old boys like to torture their moms! My secret weapon is to shower love on his sister…works everytime for the little chap to come demand his share πŸ˜‰

  3. He is not prepared to accept the fact that dinner can no longer be a slice of bread with chips:-)

    Happy new year to the MinM family. May the year be good for all of you, and may you manage to stick to your resolution:-))))

  4. I so know the feeling. Meg did that to me at a 1 1/2 after she’d spent 2 months with grandparents. Shattered me and I refused to let Raul go with anyone till my face had been tatooed (sp?) in his head πŸ™‚

  5. This is a routine with my child and her father. He runs with his arms outstretched towards her, and then past her. Then she does the chasing for a bit. Then sulks and stops so he can chase again.

    You need to play the game MiM. FB sets the rules. happy twenty ten.

  6. tpl: chox rocks. i dont know how she does it. bang on target almost every time.

    shruti: am luring him in… mickeymouse has re-entered our household, i am sorry to report.

    inlove: i have also thrown in three months of yoga… for flattening mid-section. thanks for the vote. love to V

    meira: the tummy is definitely the second most prominent landmark in malaysia after the petronas towers. you may be right. *sobb*

    aj: and i didnt realise. he pulled a fast one.

    sands: and raul did go too? alone?

    sur: how chilled out is that. egad. am a pressure cooker in comparison

  7. starry: lol! clever starry

    yo: patti is his most potent weapon yet. i dont stand a chance.

    chox/ richa: i couldnt try out chox’s method because i was too far gone .. offering fb half my kingdom, unlimited visits to swimming pools, chips on demand…

    nivi: i know i have so many “rules” — even i would want to stowaway back to chennai, if i had to come back home to me.


    preeti: holiday

    minal/ajcl: just to torment me till i went aaaaaaaaaaaaaargh

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