cowdung is alive


firstborn is hopping over some books and toys and pretending it’s cowdung.

Me: “Do you know why you shouldn’t step on cowdung, firstborn?”

FB: “Yes. Because it may bite.”


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  1. if gases can come out of cow dung, can a genie be far behind? of course cow dung is alive.

    (By now you must’ve realized we are just a bunch of swooning fans who will support FB in whatever he does).

  2. Around here, we believe firmly in checking out how our footprints look in cowdung.

    Oh, and guess what? They look the same in elephant dung, too! (recent research by dhruv has proven it)

    Can Fb put Dhruv on speeddial too? They need to form a support group against evil moms.

  3. Remember the times when they used to dissolve the said dung in water and do “vaasal theLikaradhu”? Then you would be stepping on the dung, in theory ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. guddi: no clue. have you stepped on it yet?

    era: happy new year to you and the family:-)

    AJ: i havent been bitten by a cow — been butted at though. will that count?

    starry: elephant dung, eh? even i am impressed. firstborn will put dhruv’s pic on the mantelpiece and gaze adoringly at this boy who has stomped down what mere mortals quail to tread

    sur/chox/tpl: more on this vein, and i wont be able to pull down fb’s uniform thanks to his praise-swollen head. even if he’s not reading. i really think he knows.

    mft: and remember panchagavyam, which the total aaaaaaacharam types would actually SWALLOW. must tell fb.

    bhu: post chennai. and guess what? baby param says ” bhu” for everything — book, powder, cup, shoe…
    now you guys need to meet.

    minal: ๐Ÿ™‚

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