bollywood calling


Random Malaysian chappie at our weekend getaway: Is that your husband loading the luggage into the car.

Me: yes.

Malaysian chappie: He looks like Shah Rukh Khan.

(er. readers from mumbai? never mention this to poor SRK, ok? )


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  1. Wow! MMMiM fan club +1! Reminded of
    RanNeBanaJodi- heroine misses like you!! & at least now change IN Context Pix and invite Gauri Khan to confirm πŸ™‚
    **Love the header pix! touch of tradition in colours & bangle

  2. sur: after plastic surgery. maybe.

    shruti: i told him. he shrugged. he is really a Kollywood person. The Hindi-speaking world is kinda allFrench to him.

    Guddi: Hey!SRK isnt too bad. Who do you like. Lemme guess Farhan Akhtar?

    Bhu: header is mum eating strawberry icecream in CAmeron Highlands

    starry: k-k-k-krack. kkkkrackpot

    revs: you should make fraandship with the Malaysian guy in cameron highlands, actually. he spots bollywood likenesses

  3. chox, MiM, Since us racists think all south east asian men look like jackie chan, this might be there way of looking- all indian men look like srk.

    But given the general fondness of MMMiM of all of us I believe tha he must look like a star- be it SRK or any other of your choice.

  4. guddi: Anil K has bigger hair than Fran Fine in The Nanny. how could you?

    Sands: how does guddi continue to let you be a srk fan? pic will be posted…

    tpl: well. aise bade bade shaheron main aise chotti chotti baat etc etc

    AJ: lol;-)

    CA: for SRK’s reaction. over to our mumbai correspondent, sur.

    chox: hafta tell the MMMim that mr. chox also got asked …

    sur: actually , the man is convinced he has star-like looks. a la reggie (of archie comics ).

    bhu: thank you…

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