“Amma come quickly…”


“…the laptop has turned into a radio!” firstborn rushes to the kitchen to fetch me.

the screen-saver was a blank black screen, and the music was playing.

have you heard m. buble? liked the whole song for the way he sang one line — “just havent met you yet”
and this tamil song is a superhit with the mmmim and moi. not spanking new or anything. sorry. we KLites take a little time to click on refresh


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  1. Hey am so glad you put up ‘my’ Michael Buble’s song…love all his lines 😉
    And no Aadu did not flag hoisting etc @ school, they ‘celebrated’ with a holiday !!!

  2. HA! thats exactly the phrase i loved when he said it…:)
    Tangent statement.. since its usually all about me.. used my office swipe card at the supermarket door to open it and thought, “I must be glowing today since people are staring at me” …

  3. sab: hi! fun kickass blog out there, you have

    neelum: the previous day then. that’s still ok in my book.

    bhu: me

    guddi: you are the one who gives me confidence that i can live with alzheimer’s

    tpl: prithvi is excrutiatingly boring. i watched him in an interview and omg he took so long to convey nothing or even less…sheesh

  4. sands: can only relate him to my face-wide yawns.
    i disliked him after that.
    liked dhanush after his interviews.
    disliked simran after she dug her nose during one Pongal interview.

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