hair today


i am not obssessed with personal appearance or hair.

and i don’t get it…

day 1.
school teacher tells firstborn: dont put so much oil in your hair…

day 2
language teacher tells firstborn: tell mummy not to put so much oil in your hair

day 3
school-van driver (it’s a she) tells me: why do you put so much hair-oil on your firstborn’s head? we dont do such things in KL here…

agreed. what if for argument’s sake i do down half a bottle’s worth on his head every morning. so long as the kid can still see where he is going, it’s ok.

hair/appearance/ is personal right? why does a 4.y.o have to look gorgeous and dishy.
according to me: he has to have a bath. nails clipped short. and hair combed.
more than enough.


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  1. Day 4
    Guddi says,” Don’t.. please don’t put so much oil on your child’s hair.. if you do, make sure its in the night and you wash it off before he goes to school.” Really, woman.. hair oil to school!! I would scream when I was 6.. if I even had the least amount of residue!!
    Not just 4 y.o, 4m.olds need to look as dishy as possible.. have you seen the competition out there??? kaisi Ma hai tu!!!

  2. LOL:-) You are right, this whole shosha about appearances in our times is goddamn crazy. But having said that I’ve had that on my mind for a longish time but felt too awkward to ask. I studied in the south and noticed that putting a ton of oil in one’s hair is part of the daily shringar. Whats the deal with it? Is it good for your hair to leave it in? If yes, I should pronto adopt that. My hair is thinning like the forests in the amazon!

  3. daksh may love kl for this…she runs away from coconut- oil. looks like she really has an aversion for the smell. Also she hates greasy feel anywhere…People explore non-greasy jasmine oil etc for her

  4. Amen to that. I even skip their daily bath in sub-zero temperatures. (yes, there are alternatives.)

    People actually care about this shit?

    I second choxbox. We are like this wonly.

  5. Okay they have to be Chinese right?
    The Malays wouldnt care and the Indians wouldnt mind..:)
    You can still do it till he reaches primary 1 and then stop 🙂 The kids will start telling him weird stuff then

  6. What the H@##$@#???
    Tell them to mind their own business I mean.
    They should not make such remarks…
    Have you noticed other than our clan, no one else oils their hair…and that’s why they run to salons to put all sorts of potions n chemicals n lotions on their scalps !!
    In local lingo: they’re just jealous la !!!

    and yes….We are like this only !!!

  7. @sraikh: my kids went to school in london with glistening hair – much beyond grade1 🙂 all the other moms always oohed and aahed at their hair and asked if it was the oil that made it so thick.

  8. guddi: so you are the one setting the van-driver up. hmmm.

    deepa: oil, acc. to me, is to smooth that wildly ‘adanga pidari’ look — how much tamil do you really know

    bhu: you two must visit.

    chox: will keep dunking more oil on his head until malaysia decides to roll back the oil subsidy

    AJ: oil say (pronounced with an australian accent)

    MGM: two of my fav. oracles have spoken. i r.i.p.

    TPL: also the van driver said that fb’s hair was being ridiculed by some kids, as well.
    pshaw! i say.

    sraikh: nope. indian, malay and indian respectively

    CA: lol!

    Neelum: did you see chris rock’s docu on hair — your comment reminded me of that…

    chox: girls can pull off a lot more than boys can. you cant mess with a girl lah

    starry: she’s adorable.

  9. It’s probably staining walls and mats. I face that issue at school, when all my good Gujju babies come reeking and dripping and I run around with a wet wipe, frantically scrubbing oil stains off everything their little coconuts bump into.

  10. What? Indian and malay? Really. Then I don’t know.
    And I read the Thaipusam post but am lazy to go leave a comment there. I was surprised no one knew what Thaipusam was outiside of Singapore/Malaysia

  11. and i was a little punjabi girl growing up in gujju land begging my mother to send me to school with oil dripping hair. the nuns would poke at my hair and say things like- ‘look at this junglee’. my mother would not!

    and this morning my child said- send me to school with oil in my hair. this very morning! and here is your post.
    are you evesdropping or something????

  12. OOOh! I get it does “Adanga Pidari” mean wild haired look?(Not that I know tamil other than to ask “unga peranna?” and sing Pudia Mugam songs and fool people into believing I was born tamizh:-))

    If wild haired it is then that be me. So I def. need the oild in the hair!!!

  13. LOL. My little one can give your FB a run for his money – I appky truckloads of oil yo contain the adanga pidari look and somehow next morning she’s back to looking like a junglee.

    Compro time – use some non greasy oil 9ordour free). Does the trick and yet keeps other folks from poking their noses.

  14. And I was amazed to hear that my niece’s teacher told her mom to put oil in the child’s hair. Why can’t they mind their own business? And if their reason is similar to something that OJ said, then why can’t they just simply tell us why??

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