a “vel” of a time


in our days in india, we were only dimly aware of Lord Murugan and his happy birthday.

thai pusam (thai is the tamil month and pusam is the birthstar of Murugan) is a whale of a festival in KL. a national holiday.

the batu caves

random pusam trivia: this is the birthstar of three generations of men on the MMMiM’s side (his dad, him and baby param)

p.s. if you are tamil, tell me your birthstar…


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  1. ashwini: hi! thanks for the delurk rekha. always love it. you from KL?

    thiruvadirai:hey. come back to your blog. it’s a break right?. these talented thiruvadirai people can be a shade hasty i have heard.

    and chithirai: vetri vel, veera vel.
    me = pooram

  2. Hi!!

    Have been reading your blog for quite some time now but haven’t commented so far!!!

    Wow, u a Tamilian? I never guessed so far that I have been reading your blog….nevertheless….gr8 to hear that!!!!

    And my birth star – Avittam!!!

  3. wowie. consecutive tam comments. and an avittam at that. firstborn is an avittam too, deepa.

    and you never guessed that i am tam? practically half the blog is about rasam no? dead giveaway i thought.
    thanks for delurking.

  4. celestial rays: you are tam?
    and you are born under my fav. star in the pantheon. total fav.
    you are it.

    revs: should have guessed what;->

  5. Thanks to your pictures and post enjoyed தைப்பூசம்@காத்மண்டு!!!

    Daksh: பூசம்
    Bhu: அவிட்டம்

  6. Hi Mim.. let me delurk on this one.. love ur blog btw.. mine is revathi.. dead give away with the name! my husband is on an official trip there n was in batu caves yest! 🙂

    @ chotu’s world.. hey my daughter (10 n 1/2 months) is also thiruvathirai.. i’ll watch out for the avasarakudukkai signs!! 😀

  7. Those pictures speak a million words !!! Thanks for the virtual tour.
    I have not gone there yet !! Driven past twice, but when I look at those stairs I run off !!

  8. Another ‘Makham’ follows. Coming here after quite some time… If it were not for the picture of Lord Muruga, the other pics look they from any place in Tamil Nadu!
    Kanthanuku Arohara…

  9. Neelum: actually it is steep. but its not as if the steps go on forever like in india
    Poppy: yay! you are back.

    ranjani: here we were happy to discover that rush = crowded sans pushing, insulting or name-calling.
    and the climb wasnt too much/tiring for firstborn as well.

    jam: random sathayam trivia is that it is raja raja cholan’s birthstar. ooooooooooooh,

    Makham ladies: if you got my mil started on the qualities of “makham” one would squirm at all the excessive praise. oooooooooooh.

  10. reva: small world after all

    Visagam: so many of my ancient relatives have your sign:-)

    AJ: eeeks, never heard of that one. and the scout?

    celestial rays: all the people i know who own the sign are totally charismatic. they have pots of the stuff. so must you, then.

    NIvi: anuradha? totally new to me


    TPL: havent seen pazhani malai… next visit

  11. MiM, yes, I’ve been embarassed in person by people extolling the virtues of Makham – unfortunately they all end with this quizzical look on the faces as if asking if I could TRULY be one, given my rather glaring lack of those virtues 🙂

    BTW Uttarashada is the Sanskrit name for Uttaradam, Anuradha is Anusham in Tamil.


  12. Batu caves look lovely. Hope I get to see it someday. To tell you the truth thai poosam scares me because of all the piercing they do 😦

    MiM, mine is pooram too 🙂

  13. M: thanks for solving the puzzle — uttarashadam and anuradha. was rather puzzled.

    Pooram pal: it was chilling. not a sight that you want your kids to see.

    Hema:yep. i would be totally embarrassed too.

    swathi: i think you are a woman of great literary taste (see you are reading my blog;-)with a fantastic future (you will continue to read my blog;-)

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