sometimes i am all not there. like this day.
sometimes the mmmim is not all there. like today. when he dumped the scientific calculator into the watery sink along with his dirty lunch boxes.

happy anniv to us.
if i could only remember if it is seven years together or is it eight?


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  1. Happy anniversary !

    So did you treat him to coriander-flavoured payasam or did he clean the calculator+lunchboxes for you today?

    Either way, hope it was fun 😀

  2. A very Happy Anniversary !
    You both have very Valid reasons for your forgetfulness ….

    You think mmmim cares if it is 7 or 8 years ??? He is just too lucky to have found you 🙂

  3. Hey wish you both a very happy anniversary !! Who cares if it is 7 or 8 years !!! Does it not feel like janam-janam ka bandhan n all?? !!
    Wishing you many many more years of laughter together 🙂

  4. often not all there. and together at that.

    how much lovelier can life get? enjoy!

    maybe FB will invent the waterproof cover for all sinkable objects. and baby param will develop the perfect sieve to lift out the coriander from the payasam.

    even the thought can be a rather charming gift on the annoversary, na?

  5. Shivani: Lol!
    Neither. We went to Sangeetha and slurped the sweet and discussed the calculator incident.

    CA and AJ: and the correct answer was 6. (cant comment on your blog, AJ. grrrrrrrrrr.)

    tpl: he wasnt. he was just adding to my er overflowing sink of misery. coming up a post dedicated to vadas.

    neelum: it so does feel like janam janam ka bandan. kids make life seem long stretched out…

    sur: your words were. as they in francais. enchante.

    Nivi: i extricated it from under the rasam’s gunk.

    aneela: will do. nowhere in your league when it comes to bollywood. 🙂

    Minal: actually he wasnt. he came 20 minutes earlier than usual. i had to swoon.

    celestial rays, jam, Reva, Shruti, AJCL, chox, starry, richa, dipali, Hema, JLT, Swaram: thanks ladies.

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