what do they know of pakodas who only pakodas know…


(“D“: could this be considered as the food tag that you passed on ages ago)

Was speaking of vadas to TPL. but our household has moved on to the pakoda…

more crunch per munch.

my rating: on a nuanced scale of 1 to 10 .where 1 is mmm and 10 is mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

bajji: 3.82

vada: 5.06

and pakoda: 8.91 (the vada was here. meriting a rating of 8.91 during an earlier post. the pakoda in a deep-fried coup has usurped it’s place)

(title is with apologies to CLR James)


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  1. hmm…methinks your bajjis need work – crisp onion bajjis can give pakodas a beating anyday…and what about kunukkus? Adai maavu everywhere sulks 🙂


  2. Our household would agree with your rating except if the bajji was chilli bhajji. Then it will top the vadai. But it is for a reason that I have nicknamed the OH “pakoda kadhir” and that has to do exclusively with his preference any time he is asked for suggestions for a snack 🙂

  3. finally the punjabi can speak up on this blog- about matters to do with food :
    so which one rocks your boat?
    alu, pyaaz, gobi, paneer, mirchi? with imli chatni, spicy? or sweet and spicy?
    when it rains or when it is cold? or anytime?

    in kadhi?

  4. starry: obviously you are not from the “what- will- one-tiny -pakoda-do?” school of thought

    rekha: actually the cabbage+ onion pakoda. the ribbon pakoda, the thengol, murrukku are in a different category . bakshanam would be the appropriate title i think (hafta check with M)

    CA: we have to disagree CA. see. the sambar is responsible for about 87 per cent of the taste in this case. the vada loses most of its original credit.

    M: kunukkus are pretty hot on my scale. but their fame hasn’t spread as far or as wide as they deserve (even adai for that matter hasnt gotten its due… tsk tsk)
    and could you solve that pointer two comments above

    AJ: Bonda doesnt make the list. Sorry. Is it on yours?

    Sands: did i say the OH was one in a million? my mistake of course. i meant he’s one in a billion

    sur: pyaaz + cabbage and sans chutney. gives the original flavour of all ingredients, i say.
    anytime. the mmmim has em for breakfast.
    the man is intolerable in his devotion to chutney. pshaw!

    TPL: your technique sounds perfect. dip eat. dip eat. if only your tastebuds would listen to me.

    Sue: will look up the link. thanks. we are shudh vegetarian. there’s a cooking wave in the blogosphere — tpl, me, you… ooooh

    D: have a pakoda in the meantime…:-)

  5. Any pakoda onion/Pudina/Cashew with hot rice(well-cooked) and rasam the divinest combination MiM!…Me too a rasam-lover and love the way it flows through your posts too!

  6. Sheesh, I have turned into a tambram-maami! 😀 OK, no turning here, have been one for a while..sigh.

    Yes, ribbon pakodas fall firmly in the Bhakshanam category!

    if we start discussing obscure snacks, how about tavalai adai?? One of my favourites, but fairly unknown even among tambrams!

  7. Your posts dont help these poor students away from home like me MiM 😦 Especially living in a country where you have to struggle to get the basic besan 😦 No kadalaimaavu itself apram enga pakoda {waaaiiiiilll}

  8. aaaah! made onion ones recently after 4 years. why after 4 years you ask? took me that long to forgive M for eating them with JAM!

    it was complete blasphemy in my books. took me that much time to forgive him! 😉

  9. bhu: 🙂 let’s raise a rasamy toast in rasam’s honour then.

    M: tavalai adai — me a total frog in the well (that would be thavalai )
    i can get about as obscure as…”morekili”? howzzzzzzzzat?

    revs:hey ! even we homemakers dont have it easy. the store-bought besan apparently isnt as great as the machine(maavu mill) pounded one. where do i find one here in KL? huh?

    abha: even i dont think i can forgive your husband for eating pakodas with …eeeks i cant even say it.

    dipster: and when you think of me. here i am.
    tpl: absolutely. the man was travelling.

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