international contest number 2


since everyone is dying to eat the paneer starter displayed here.

i am pleased to present you THE uncrunchable contest of the blog.

Guess the other main ingredient that went into the making of that paneer starter in the photo on the link.

Contest closes on March 13.
But, the first person to post the correct answer wins.
No multiple guesses allowed.
Neelum: you may not enter.
Neelum: You may not tell any of your friends the right answer

Oh: And there’s a exciting gift hamper in store for the winner…


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  1. 😦 i was about to say bread crumbs too.. but richa already said it.. n the next choice would have been potatoes but TPL got it already.. hmm is it besan??

  2. Heyyyyyyyy that’s no unfair !!
    First of all I did not eat them goodies and second I never got to discuss the recipe with anyone…..not even the super cute chef herself !!!

    So now tell me if I can participate.

  3. Not fair, the pic isn’t all that clear. *whines*

    On top of which all the stuff I guessed has already been negated. Hmm… crushed digestive biscuits? Help me out here, it’s evident I’m grasping at straws.

    Cheese straws??

  4. neelum: in the spirit of fairness. yes. you may participate…

    starry: nope.

    nivi: no

    sue: indigestible stuff. have to crush your answer down

    sowmya: nope

    bm: ditto above.

  5. aarthi: panko? what is a panko? lurve the delurk

    reva: *harsh intake of breath* you crunched it maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan. noodles it is.


    starry: okay you are allowed another try coz you are starry, and rules can be bent. but the answer is wrong.

    ceekay: will chase you with a karela for that,

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