Monthly Archives: February 2010

the mum who lived


that would be me.

the last three days i felt like asaaan + 1.

i baby-sat two kids (one 8 year old and a four year old) till 7p.m.

and another neighbour’s kid (5 years old) just dropped in, since he felt he HAD to be part of the “10-unique-screeching-sounds-a-rocket-makes-before-blast-off” and other games.

some key thoughts:

1. once i sit down. some kid will ask for water.
2. i call my own kid by some other kid’s name.
3. baby param gets to ride pillion around the dining table. 17 times.
4. a kid who NEVER naps in the afternoon has fallen asleep on the sofa
5. the kid who swatted a mosquito and drew blood, elicits a round of deep appreciation
6. the kid who swatted a mosquito and drew blood, is still talking about the incident on day 2.
7. that kid was firstborn
8. five kids will sit at the dining table for haldirams bhujjia.
9. very unfamiliar feeling to wash a strange new bum.
10. if i have at some point in time said nasty, rude and defamatory things about Playhouse Disney Channel itakeitbackok.


what do they know of pakodas who only pakodas know…


(“D“: could this be considered as the food tag that you passed on ages ago)

Was speaking of vadas to TPL. but our household has moved on to the pakoda…

more crunch per munch.

my rating: on a nuanced scale of 1 to 10 .where 1 is mmm and 10 is mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

bajji: 3.82

vada: 5.06

and pakoda: 8.91 (the vada was here. meriting a rating of 8.91 during an earlier post. the pakoda in a deep-fried coup has usurped it’s place)

(title is with apologies to CLR James)



sometimes i am all not there. like this day.
sometimes the mmmim is not all there. like today. when he dumped the scientific calculator into the watery sink along with his dirty lunch boxes.

happy anniv to us.
if i could only remember if it is seven years together or is it eight?