so many things about you…Maami


that you could read much more of ‘The Hindu’ paper (at age 72) than your husband could

that you poured water into the wrong end of the electric rice cooker

that you drew up a chair for your 10 year old grandson to use the computer. He wanted to play a video-game… but you thought he was doing something important

that the vadas at your home were at least half a teaspoon more salty than most homes

that you were out like a light at 8.30 p.m. but up like a lark at 5.30 a.m.

that you overturned several ghee katoris into rava-kesari, and then poured several more for good measure

that you lost a daughter 50 years ago, and often bitterly wept over her passing

that you pounded murrukkus in the mixie so that your husband could still enjoy his favourite snack

seven years of knowing you Maami, and i never thought once to ask your name…RIP


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  1. MiM,
    Hugs!! I’ve lost a brother all of 25 to cancer.
    U have such a lovely way with words – Maami would’ve cried after reading this!
    I just wiped a tear from my eye.

  2. you did not know her name, but did she see you making little notes about her in your heart?
    i am sure she did, and that must have made her smile.

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