existential crises


1. can i accept a facebook smile from a person who i do not smile at in real life?


2. me: do you know mamooty?
firstborn: is it a kind of sambar you cook?



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  1. May be a virtual smile can lead a real life smile too. Just saying.

    FB got all right genes did he not ? 😀
    Kottu resembles more than sambar though 😛

  2. 1.We might walk past each other in real life, but virtually I have been beaming at you for months now. But i will not throw weepy puppies at you on facebook. Lines shall be drawn, dignity maintained.

    2.Since I am more of a mohan lal fan, FB got it right- sambar without the sizzle.

    • 1. puppies are being thrown around eh? no wonder they are weepy..

      2. i liked jairam — but apparently he said rude things about tam women. so should i take it back?

  3. 1. No; but then we should have a combined etiquette classes for fb na? Coz there is so much confusion…
    2. Mamooty….is good looking…and sambar is yummy…..so……
    well forget it…
    I just love first born

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