treasure island theme party


i helped a neighbour recently do a musical-themed party (because her daughter’s name meant flute). cake had a peacock feather and a flute…
1. we got the moms to wrap the children in toilet paper and make them look like flutes
2. a little game of musical housie — with names of instruments written on paper cards
3. and such like

when i was pleased at myself no end for persuading my friend out of a non-disney non-princess theme…

my friend in chennai, has a “pirate”/treasure-island themed party for her son
— and she baked the cake at home.
i loved the candles that went on the side…

(last time her husband apparently took the photos a little laaate — there were only crumbs on the scene)
this time he did better:-)


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  1. those candles (and the cake too) are magnificent. does she take orders? i will grocery shop (if she gives me a list), press her feet, wash dishes (no surprises there!), etc. for her in return for a cake that does not have Dora The Explorer’s Extra Large Head on it.

    • she’s a super mum just like you… working mum, marathon running,
      (and going going gone at 100 billion ideas per nanosecond)

  2. Love the cake..How I wish I could get anything other than Disney princess, Poo bear cakes for a kids B’day..

    Would love to see pics of the flute and peacock cake. The theme sounds amazing πŸ™‚

    • comnam actually i was busy being stressed out at being in the organising committee (so didnt take any pix):-(

  3. Arr, pirate AJ wants to drop anchor in that lagoon. πŸ˜›
    And after this musical themed party that you helped throw, there is no denying that you are a domestic Goddess. πŸ™‚

    • fee fie fo fum, fee fie fo fum
      be very scared, AJ, the giant is awake
      it’s like a dinosaur bit his thumb
      the mim = a d.g. what pills AJ did you take.

  4. Yay to Non – Princess themes πŸ™‚
    Have always gone for those … Rainbow, Alphabets, Farm Animals, Jungle …
    But looks like this year I may have to host a “Princess Theme” … Cantaloupe requests in her sleep too.

  5. loved the candles on the side !!!
    and I din’t know v#%$%$ meant flute !!! I was thinking something to do with a forest….you know what a forest is called in hindi…..
    this only shows my scant knowledge 😦

  6. wowww.. super cool! would love to see pics of the flute and peacock!!
    This year..we will be hosting a Scooby-Doo party!!I would have loved to host an arts-crafts/paint party..ohh well..

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