reva’s gift hamper


is ready.


arty woodsy place- mats (all the better to invite me to dinner, mah dear)
a golden photo frame (all the better to frame a photo of me, mah dear)
a kiddie hardcover for her daughter (all the better to keep the kiddie busy, while i am being served)

congrats reva!
have to go where i have never gone before for this one. the courier dept of the post office in malaysia…


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    • hey no one was supposed to win this contest. i was supposed to keep the gift hamper…so i need to be consoled

  1. i covet this award!

    when is your next international contest? make sure it does not include any maggi coating, then and only then can i be in reckoning!

    ( all those years of cooking maggi at midnight -supposedly to keep myself fed and awake to study- has made me find the stuff utterly revolting now. maybe its because i would eat the damn thing and sleep or go back to reading fiction!)

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