am on one.


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    • au contraire.

      the neighbour moved in.
      into my kitchen.

      cooked three kinds of deep-fried thingies
      and rava idli
      and brought her own masalas
      and her own cooker
      and her own place mats
      and her hen-shaped tissue box

      Category Z guests
      landed with only one hour’s notice

    • thank god it was vada pav. am kinda lukewarm about that.
      if you had said dahi papdi then i would have certainly had a contraction

  1. fast? from what? food? why? you know it causes acidity, right? and one day of fasting will mess up your metabolism, right?
    Chal, lets you and I go to and get some yummy chaat! challllll……fine, my treat.. ab tho chal!

  2. I was forming some silly quip on ‘i am on a fast train for nowhere’…or something like that… and then The Print Lover’s comment made me crack up.

    Now i am quipless.

    J’accuse TPL

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