the first 24 hours


a hairwash at 7 in the evening. a sweet kozhakattai. and a salty one. a cow, a dog and a cat on the same street. the 13th day after a death. a birthday. walking to a shop across the street. drawing a wet kolum in the hall. eating off a banana leaf. gossip. reading the times of india.

104 degrees on firstborn’s forehead. and i have not freaked out. so. this is where i left behind my sanity.


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    • fb is better. baby param has caught the virus. this thing is so contagious. keep lil p away from the comp. she might catch it from my boys

  1. multiple set of hands available to sponge FB? sanity and calm rests in those hands, they will soothe your brow too.

    Hope the fever passes soon so you can walk upto the cow, the cat and the dog without leaving the street.

    • thanks sur:-)
      fever is past. nearly.
      i have to dive headlong into a beauty salon — they have their work cut out.

  2. I was waiting for you….looked up a couple of times if you had popped in to write…
    Take care or rather make sure the 100000000 people around you take care of FB.
    Hows the younger one doing?
    Yenjoyyyyyyyyy girl….have fun and click loads of photos

  3. aah, thanks to you, I am already there in spirit πŸ™‚ living in the present was never my thing!

    Hugs to the FB! Now go get pampered senseless while grandparents hold the forte!

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