How aaaaaaaaargh can life get



this entry i wrote wins third place for a contest organised by the Malaysian government.

I should be thrilled right?

The prize is two air tickets to Malaysia to be collected in a ceremony on March 28. (Plus five star hotel stay for three nights)

And the wedding that I have flown all this way to Chennai (with kids/spouse/ jing bang) is on March 31.

How aaaaaaaargh can life get?


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  1. wowsa! awesome-ulu….easy – get someone to impersonate you. all you need is to ship them that sandal that is in the picture….
    & girl, email or something. you can see my email above no? no? yes?

  2. Hearty Congratulations!!! Proud of you! Entry bring prize. Prize brings a post!:) Any chance of MIL going to ‘foreign’ to collect and enjoy on your behalf?

    • mil wouldnt stir 1 km out of chennai before march 31. wedding of first granddaughter you see.
      Mil isnt holding the fort here. she is the fort.

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