which of the following is a must…


before a blogger’s meet…?

1. lose 10 kg
2. trim eyebrows so they can see my eyes/forehead
3. wait a week. so that effects of hair-oil i applied two days ago, finally wear off
4. take along baby param and fb. that way my distracted /harassed appearance might be attributed to motherhood.

(ladies to meet = artnavy and kenny)


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  1. Going by the “chamathu-ness” of those ladies’ offspring (at least as portrayed on their blogs, I obviously don’t know them in person), they certainly won’t know to associate motherhood with harassed appearances πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    I advocate a burkha – you can decide, after meeting them, if you should unveil πŸ˜€

    M (all in jest, no offence meant to anyone, etc. etc. – std CYA statement inserted here)

  2. LOL @ wearing a Burkha
    I advice point 4. Ur FB n param are so cute, i’m sure nobody will be noticing ur harried expressions.. Their eyes will b all for them!!
    n I’m sooooooooooooo J . Do share the pics though πŸ™‚

  3. Long time reader, delurking πŸ™‚ Love your short and sharp posts. And the baby updates.

    P.S: Wondering where all the rasam and payasam posts have disappeared!

    P.P.S: Wondering why my favorite sakkarai pongal has made no appearance. You no like? 😦

  4. i suggest a quick trip to amchi mumbai… blame your harried look on our traffic jams. the bloggers you meet will be distracted, and in the process i get to meet you in this city.

    i am no longer a blogger, so what i say about your appearance does not count.

  5. having known kenniness for more than half my life i’ll tell you this – you could do any/all of points 1-4 but you don’t NEED to.

    art – is as cool as a cucumber. so same as above.

    just GO! and next time come to nammooru okay?

  6. I suggest the following:
    Do 2; that may make you look as though you have achieved 1; and then don’t do 3; and say….Oh I’ve been so busy with kids mentioned in 4 that I just din’t get time for a hairwash !!!

    Enjoy girl….I don’t appearance matters that much when you know soooo much more about one another through the blogs….N’est-ce pas?

    Tell me how it goes though..tell artnavy that I am a regular reader and shall de-lurk soon…wish her well for her move.
    The other one Kenny…I don’t know…so just say Hi !!

  7. oh no no no. Its a BLOG MEET. The biggest event og a blogger’s lifetime. You need to definitely get rid of the oil. Book a spa and parlour a day before. Go to the best designer in town and get their most expensive dress. Make sure it is one size small for you. Fitting dresses are so passe. What will the bloggers think! Follow it up with some nail art and a 4 inch or above uncomfortable heels and hire a maid to tag along, if you’re taking FB and Baby Param along.
    There. Now you’re ready.

  8. well do everything Meira said and then tale Baby P and FB along and they wont notice all the effort you have taken!

    or just stick to point no.4! πŸ™‚

    i am very J!!! 😦

  9. MIM !!! I am a complete spaz and dork. Stop putting pressure!! & M, up there, WHAT? mine is a complete monster. You must be mistaking me with someone else… Chamutthu? No way!!! Total monster
    Right on about Art though, that kid is very smart, cute, and not to mention very tall.

  10. Take some food with you…leave the kids behind with MMiM. If you try #1, lemme know how…I’m a collector..I don’t necesarily do anything with it.. maybe will bind all the ideas into a book some day!…have fun!

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