back to being


the maid in malaysia.

picasa is bursting with about 600 new photos.
firstborn is sobbing. i cant do a very great job of consoling, when i am practically a puddle myself.
baby param can utter more sounds than ever. his first two syllabled non-tautological word is = ‘auto’
about the blogsmeet.
murphy’s law took over for a bit… one blogger moved into another state, and another had a minor car accident. so. viz. no meet.
i put on the 10 kilos i shed (aka exhaled and stopped sucking in my stomach). and my eyebrows grew back into my eyes.
will flood you with pix in the next post…


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  1. *hands out a box of tissue to Mim* Dont cry Mim. In the last 4yrs of my life in Ireland, I’ve gone home(coimbatore) only twice 😦

    • *accepts tissue box*
      thanks revs
      you know,
      what’s worse than being homesick is meeting another expat wife who is even more homesick…i just did. gah.

      • Mim! I am another ‘expat’ and it stops right there 😀 I dont fit into the expat ‘wife’ category. Whoever the guy is, may he live in peace for a while before marrying the hurricane that I am 😀

        • My previous comment is valid only if you meant me. If you were talking about a totally different person, lets just invite her for a group hug 🙂

    • i think the gods are already conspiring, though. i hear some pre-matrimonial whispers, ghee shakkar for you meira

    • abha you are right. tried to grab bagfuls of indianess and paste into a permanent synapse somewhere in my brain.

    • it’s almost four sometimes. and there’s a two and a half hour time difference.
      somehow everything adds up:-(

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