wedding train


niece by marriage 2
co sister
niece by marriage 4
and niece 3
(all lined up like a train. in this corny reception header snap. i suggested that the first person say kooo-chuk chuk — but since she was a dainty, grown-up 22 year old. she didnt.)


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  1. when i looked at the header pic (which was b4 i read this post), i guessed that the one with the camera had to be u :).. nice snap (even though the faces cannot be seen)

  2. and i remember ur mil’shand from one header that u had (a milk boiling vessel,i think) on the kaaaaka woosssh post

  3. Lovely….is your sari MS blue? I’ve been looking for one in that color for ages now – apprently it isn’t made anymore – too oldfashioned! 😦

    • you know.. there are all these hideous ‘stoned’ sarees in the market M. just looking at them, and I had to head to the kaapi stall to cure my headache.

  4. Delurking first time here.
    Am not too fond of pics where people actually stand and pose for them.But this one is lovely.Love the fact that the three generations have mingled so well and are not grouped together.

    • we have to stick to protocol. the engine always goes chook chook. the following coaches just go along and fill themselves with vadas and chutney

  5. Shyaaaaaaa MiM, this could have been (still can be) such a good photo for ‘find me’ contest!!

    Wow….it’s been ages since I went to a wedding all decked up with the other ladies of the family……

    mommyyyyyyyyy I wanna come home…..booooo hoooo…..

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