puthandu vazthukkal and rajinikanth


to strike off starry’s bucket list:

cooked lunch for 20 people.
filled with my favourite foods…
rasam as starter.
idli, sambar, pudina chutney and fried dal chutney.
tomato rice and lemon rice. and a salad raitha.
and four litres of milk thickened into two litres of payasammmmmmm.
hosted a game where all the non-Hindi speakers had to clearly say this verse “Pallandu Pallandu Pallaaayirathaandu …” after i taught it them four times. The tamil-speaking half was in splits.

another game where all the non-Tamil mother tongue people had to list the number of Tamil words they knew. The one who listed the most would win. One hopeful tried to pass of Rajinikanth and Rambha as Tamil words.

Pooped. Brain isnt recognising if this is an email to my ma. or is this a new post on wordpress. Er? which one is it?


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    • turned out super yumm. fry urad dal and channa dal and coconut and tamarind and curry leaves and coriander amd grind coarsely

      • Heh -The Divya Prabandham wasn’t a default option at home, for some reason, and on festival days, by the time Pallandu rolled around all we wanted was to be done, so would rush through it as fast as we could!

        As Tamizh verses go, this one is relatively simple IMO….some of the thiruppavais are where the action is! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

      • But i never left this space!
        j’accuse you of being the lap-top-less dancer and not posting daily and giving repartes to comments ten times a day.

        • pleading guilty.
          my biological clock is a lark,
          and my brain begins shutting down after 8 p.m.

          naturally the husband donates the laptop after 9 p.m.

          and all posting is done when my synapses are dozing off… sheesh.
          when we do rasam and lunch will tell you all about it…

    • i hid half the payasam in the fridge and showed only the other half to the guests. i thulped the rest today.mmmmmmmmmmmmm. calories. fat arms. permanent pregnant abs. be damned.

    • there was another who cleverly tried to recollect the tamil version of rahman’s song like:” chinna chinna aasai..”

      i hope you licked off every last bit of the payasam. else i am sending a strongly-worded email to you

  1. TPL, Rajnikanth saar is a tamizh -er word!! I get more points than you.
    Sraikh.. dont cheat.. whats a son in law called in tamizh?? If you get that then I bow to thee, or else I am the Queen here too!! πŸ™‚
    Mim, Just because you brought it up.. Im gonna make some payasam too and avial and do a lil Vishukani! such a motivator you are…

  2. * Why non-hindi speakers in the ‘Pallandu’ game?
    * I think I have a good chance at that second game. Anna, Dravida, Munnetra, Kazhagam. See 4 complicated words right there!
    TPL: Well the Maharashtrians and Kannadigas will also be in line claiming Rajni is theirs. πŸ™‚

  3. Mim,been reading u for a while , but havent commented.Today being tamizh varsha pirappu and Vishu, I wanted to delurk.U write so well..bayangara witty.will keep coming for more. iniya tamizh puthaandu vaazhthukkal

  4. AJ: I think she meant non-Tamizh speakers.

    MiM: See I put ‘zh’ instead of ‘l’ – that alone qualifies me to win irrespective of no. of words. Btw romba paseekaradu after seeing your list.

    And maybe folks confused ramba with romba.

  5. Gosh! had i been the hostess i would have mailed this post to the in laws in triplicate. The mom would anyways never believe me!

    • the mil was on the hotline. and she was cheering and hooting! in her eyes, i have arrived.

      my ma on the other hand is wondering how long it will be for me to get the household back on its feet

  6. Missing the medu vada from menu. And i see you handing out recipes. What has the world come to??

    BTW, T Rajender is also a Tamil word( It could also classify as a whole paragraph at times).

    Also, puthandu nalvazthukkal:-)

    • i thought no one would notice the absent vada… the guests didnt. heh heh.

      and about me handing out recipes. make that a double heh heh

      T Rajender is a whole epic that shakes its head violently…

  7. Happy New year! Your celebrations sounds like so much fun!!! Other than the Vishu Kani arrangement and tucking in (food and EPND stomach!!!) , we did not do much ..

    EPND – Ever pregnant never delivery!!! πŸ™‚

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