poop post


baby param did number 2 on the floor. and my neighbour’s little 8-year-old rushed in to help with the clean-up.

She even thoughtfully opened the bathroom door and switched on the light.
flashback: me. as an 8-year-old confronted with a friendly neighbourhood toddler’s poop = edge away s.l.ow.ly backwards pretending I never saw anything.

firstborn’s idea of helping with the cleanup = switching off the bathroom light


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  1. M @ poop post – wonders at neighbour’s kid (what was she thinking!), agrees wholeheartedly with MiM’s childhood way of dealing with it (Though I would have exited VERY fast) and thanks all the Gods above that her kids have outgrown pooping in anyplace but the potty 🙂 🙂

  2. This 8 year old is obviously not the one who crushed chips into all your sofas?

    And re: poop…another 1-2 years, and I may be spared the ordeal of bum-washing during breakfast. Please God…let it happen soon!

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