by Abirami the smartassbride. thank you thank you…for l’awarde

a few tags ago, i used to be scared of tags and the introspection.
this one was easy, though.

three things i love about me…

Strange how I thought I would never put this down on a list. Considering how often I have dreamed about one impulsive visit to the salon. To have it all chopped off.

At 31, away from home and ma. I now look at my hair differently. As a heirloom er hairloom. Once maintained oiled, shikakaid, towel-dried, fan-dried and sambraneed by my grandma and my ma…

High Maintenance is all upto me. My hair which is really a heavy thick rope that’s about three feet long. Falls well below my ample hips… Takes 40 minutes to comb.
. One hour to wash. And three hours to dry.
The combing and the tangles and the split-ends and the graying…isn’t the pretty part.

But strangely it’s now a part of me that I love

think f.a.s.t
the ideas comes in a trice. synapses fire. whir of emotion. blur of outside world. my eyes are bright. there’s another. now five. now fifteen. choose.

think s.l.o.w.

Children, generally speaking, were never my superspeciality.
Heck. They weren’t even my subspeciality. In fact. they bored me, tired me and puzzled me.

I am an only child. Happiest in the company of elders.

And I was surprised to find that motherhood/ raising children is s.l.o.w in so many ways.
Almost five years into this job, i am surprised that I have accepted that somethings take their time. i am patient enough to watch my kids grow (even though I have wanted to rush back to my workplace screaming “No need to pay me. I’ll pay you!”)

i understand their pace is different. that they dont have patience to watch me finish my book. to wait till a handmade craft dries.
i dont have the patience to fill a bag full of water/sippy cups/diapers/ snack/ plaything etc just to go to the neighbour’s house; or to wait for a toddler to outgrow thumbsucking or a preschooler to learn math with carryover in less than a day.

I am proud to have slowly learned not to hurry.


passed to three non- bloggers viz: M, Reva and sub. Please use this space to do the tags. I love non-bloggers who comment. I think you guys are really brave.


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  1. Such a beautiful post, MiM!
    I love your hairloom, and the gift your children have given you, of making haste slowly.
    And your supersonic wit, which all your readers love.

    • from my own shrinking wallflowerness.
      i read blogs for a whole year and didnt click on the comments line. not once.

  2. *hugs fellow only child* 😀 I didn’t know that about you!!!

    Do you know abt any workplace that I can pay to get me away too??!!

    Post a pic of your hairloom….sounds so lovely!

    • hey hey hey.
      no one said anything about hairloom being lovely.
      it’s long and thick, oily in parts, dry in other -and the opposite of fine, soft and silky — in fact it’s coarse and quite haylike

  3. standing in the queue behind starsinmyeyes : Only child? you too?

    and your post: l.o.v.e.l.y. said slowly, without haste…
    to add to your tag
    three things i love about the posts on this blog :
    -single brushstrokes that resonate with the entire picture
    -razor sharp wit
    -a non fussy take on motherhood

    • sur. you say the nicest things.

      you know, i think i can afford your Rs. 5,000 a sitting fee as a shrink.
      (my kiddies education fund be damned .)

    • er math isnt my strongest point. i am 5 foot 6 and my hair must be half my height (i think) … so. er i think that would make it 2 feet. ?

      but it takes so long to reach from north to south that it feels like three feet.

  4. Wish I had thick long hair… If MY hair was thick, I would have let it grow like Rapunzel’s. But sadly sadly sadly it isnt. 😦 If I ever grew it enough to be able to plait it, it would look like eli-vaal 😦 Am very glad you’re rejoicing in your hairloom. You should! 🙂

    • hey shyam. i cant tell you how i have yearned for short, maintenance free hair…

      and this mane of mine isnt even beautiful. it’s just thick and gets tangled every time i exhale

  5. Mim,
    Too much neenga..will do it, but to be honest, I dont know if I wud be any gud at doing it. Give me some time, came back home after some travelling!

  6. Yaay! Its the first time I’ve been tagged 🙂 But as TPL asked, why brave?

    Here you go..
    – I love my hair too. Not as thick and long as yours. But I love how straight and soft it is and how it stands by me though I don’t give it the time and attention like before. I recently had it chopped shoulder level and kinda feel almost ‘hip’ !
    – My smile. The husband sometimes asks me when he sees me talking to a friend over phone ‘do you think they can see your smile through the phone?’ and I say ‘they totally can’ 😀
    – I love that I love to learn/try new things. Be it in the kitchen or any arts n crafts. I do know that I belong to the ‘jack of all trades…’ gang. And it is ok coz my life is filled with variety!

    • thanks for doing the tag…:-)
      i think you should put down “lucky” too … i thought NO one was going to crack that contest

  7. I totally missed writing abt ur post… loved it. Esp the motherhood part – beautifully written. And a big bow for having the patience to maintain those long tresses. Pic pls..:)

  8. Hi Mim
    Getting to the tag right away…
    1.Probably, not me, but a part of me- my baby thats due by 2nd week of october.
    2.That I cook well and a variety of it all..
    3.I love the way I love my dear ones, cant beat that.

    Sorry Mim, this cud probably be th wurrrsshhhttt tag, but I dint want to back out so wrote something.And abt my mail id, its really not a valid one.

  9. Woah – didn’t notice that I was tagged…(blush) – me? And brave? huh.

    Wokay, 3 things about myself:

    1. my completeley catholic tastes in reading – I was a bookworm as a child, that willingness to read anything and everything has stood me in good stead – I know enough to BS about a wide variety of topics! 🙂
    2. My practical nature – despite occasional twinges of wanting otherwise, practicality wins out in most scenarios.
    3. My height – I am not very tall by global standards, but 5’7″, back when I was growing up was considered *very* tall – I reached my adult height at age 11 or so, and hated being miles taller than my contemporaries – now I love it! My height is in my legs (i.e. longer legs than torso) and I love the way I look in heels!

    • hey. i noticed that you are practical too… hi 5 to me.
      thanks for doing the tag. you must be gorgeous with heels i think… i should try it. i am almost 5’6

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