it was the prayers…


thank you everyone of you. everyone who commented. everyone who emailed me. everyone who
sent a prayer for our family.
didnt realise how you guys have become such a crucial part of my life…? er. when did this happen?


things are getting much, much better…

today’s update according to the doctor: firstborn has a “mild dengue”, but what he really has is “mycoplasma pneumonia”

no. i havent freaked out.

i am happy. I SOSed my dad. And he is here. and things can only go right now that he’s around…

plus. after four days of 101 and 102, the thermometer touched the golden 98.6.

only firstborn was disappointed…”i want to have high fever. Grandpa will leave if i get better…”


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  1. Glad to hear that FB is feeling better !!

    As for having grandpa stay longer – you can always dip the thermometer in hot water for grandpa’s benefit 😉

  2. Once again I come in only after things have been fixed :(( Sorry to know that the FB was (is?) sick. Hope he gets better soon. Hugs to the worried mama.

  3. good to know that you are breathing easy and FBs impeccable logic is as strong as ever.

    stay healthy all of you.

  4. holy crap…was just catching up with the mommy blogs and read lots of sick day entries…squiggles mom ,ro and now you..stay strong mommies…sending more hugs and prayers your way…

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