mother’s day…


i got a handmade card from a friend for mother’s day. The words said “please thank your mother for giving me such a wonderful friend…”

i promptly called my mum to convey the message.

Which of the following do you think she would have said…

1. How touching, moving, lovely, precious ….
2. You totally made my day. I was sitting beside the phone waiting for your call.
3. Don’t be daft. How is firstborn doing?


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    • if she did 2 and 1, even in her dreams, i would die happy.

      she would prefer
      #4 don’t be ridiculous
      or even #5, you called me to speak of this silliness

  1. As if it is even a questions… #3.. Mom’s got have or get the concept of Mother’s day and are always more concerned about the grandkids..

    Hope FirstBorn is doing well..

    • thank god there werent.

      if i had held this one as a contest. i’d be sitting in the postoffice with a 25 packages to post to various countries. ulp.

  2. I see that #4 and #5 are already taken. I’m betting on
    #6 ) are you drunk?

    #7 ) Okay, who cares if you are drunk? Tell me how first born is doing.

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