a sambar of a post


first with a neat rhymey wish from PV for mother’s day

Dear MiM
Decided to wish you on a Whim
Hope your cup of joy is full to the brim
With FB, Param and the MMMiM
I wanted to send her a rhymey wish right back. but i’m stuck. what rhymes with PV?
TV. Peevey.
So i just said thank you. thank you PV🙂

Minal passed on a tag. Going through that… I am aghast at how utterly blameless my life has been. Pathetic. I am as interesting as a towel. In fact. I am as interesting as firstborn’s discarded yellow sock that’s two years old. Sheesh.

*Wipes tears off, with aforementioned towel.*
**I could wipe em off with aforementioned yellow sock, but the sock isn’t cottony soft**


we are playing musicalchair fevers these days. baby param, in deference to our buying a new thermometer, is giving us value for money.

And my ma. has begun sending me fwds. it used to be a thinkpiece from the economist, an article from hoot.org. etc
today it’s quotable quotes from vijayakanth’s english dialogue (i dunno if it appeared in a movie):

“U can bcome an engineer if u study in
engineering college. U cannot become a president if
u study in Presidency College”

with that i know… the kathiri summer is getting to her.


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  1. Gabdun dialaaks deserve a separate post

    Is this dialogue from the movie Ramana ?

    “Interesting as a towel” eh – beach towel, turkish towel or Nammoor Kaavi Thundu ?

    • lol@gabdun.
      here’s item 23 on. “odd things that my mum has done that i wont reveal to the world”

      interviewed the head of vijayakanth rasigar mandram.

      anyways. interesting as a towel that has wiped off yesterday’s spilt sambar.

  2. ah. i hope he’s okay. and i hope the fever music stops soon too.

    You can’t become an American if you study in American college. just my two cents. and you never know. gabdun might read mim’s blog and my comment and give me a ticket 😀

    • v. dialaak worthy, abirami.
      any more of this stuff and the blogworld may lose you to the scriptwriting world.

  3. Actually I think firstborn’s discarded yellow sock could be interesting, based on why it came to mind when you thought “uninteresting” 😀

    • the sock shouldnt be still in circulation among the ‘vetements de jour’. but it is.
      i am 2 years behind in laundry duty. you were saying…

    • i hope so too… just when we thought he was ok-ish. he turned a corner and got a nasty cough.
      aaaaaaaargh. motherhood.

    • for that you get to listen to
      “odd fact 24 abt ma that shouldnt be revealed to the world”

      ma never laughs at jokes that people in the world+ universe + alphacentauri are rofloling@.

      fact 24/1.
      constantly in the reverie that she has a sense of humour. and i dont.

  4. I can empathise..I recieve a whole lot of fwds from appa.Once he even sent me a spam mail talking about dating singles..ofcourse, now, he knows to filter spam

  5. I loved ur mom’s fwd:-)))
    Btw I thought I had led a boring life until I took up that tag:-) Try it!
    Bet u won’t need that towel;-)

  6. Classic forward. Reminds me of all the Rajinikanth dialogs 🙂 On the tag I got to take it too. Have to see which one of us has the worst towel 🙂 Let’d hope you don’t kill the thermometer with overuse 😦

  7. LOL. How did i Miss this 1??? My google reader is acting crazy! 🙂

    Ohh hows baby param now?? n FB? n u??
    take care. Hope every1 is back to their happy self.

    LOL @ ur mom.

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