sambar version 2.0


conversation between two 4.y.olds that i wish i hadnt overhead.

kid 1. “i can dig your nose for you if you want…
kid 2. “no i can dig your nose for you if you want.”

after the n+1th ‘are you pregnant’ question?
i hit the gym. i lay down on something that looks like a 3-foot slide. and i couldnt get off. it seemed too risky. the 45 degree incline. so i lay there and did all the other exercises in my head.


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  1. On #1 – Don’t turn up your nose at such sincere displays of iru tarappu natpu

    On #2 – Did you throw a fit afterwards, after all the mental gymnastics πŸ˜‰

  2. πŸ™‚ we’d be such good gym buddies.
    sigh. I’m trying something new these days. Kalaripyattu. Those at home should be shivering in fear, but I guess I walk too much like I’ve got piles when I get home.

    • rofl!

      nothing in this gym works. treadmill. nope. cycle nope. jogger nope.

      i just go there open out all the windows, switch on the fans … that’s the most physically exerting thing i am doing. tcha.

  3. *high five*
    I went to the gym yesterday after forever, too. Watched the NBA playoffs in the name of a workout, went home and pretended to be too tired to cook.

    But hey, we started!!

  4. 1.dont u think what u overheard is way better than
    ” I can dig your nose and also eat that gooey thing if you want”?

    2.wen I first set foot on a treadmill, I did not knw how it works and that alone was enough an excuse for me to come back home without a workout.So, take heart , you atleast did try

    • 1. is definitely upping the horror quotient of this blog by yet another 10,000
      2. i feel the ottai+odaisal @ the gym is part of the universe’s grandplan so that i sleep in tomorrow

    • hold your tongue bm. you said the word ‘walk’ — you are thereby struck off the rolls of the couch pumpkins inc.

  5. Ew to the first one…
    and about
    so i lay there and did all the other exercises in my head.

    ROTFL. You are funny πŸ™‚ So funny you made me delurk πŸ˜›

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