40 bloggers who really count


appeared here on timesonline

if they had done 41 bloggers who really count, this blog may have made it.

one. two. three. four.five.six. seven.eight.nine.ten.
(still doubtful? here’s 7+11 = 19. there. a shining star in the ‘counting’ dept. no?)


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  1. Gwyneth Paltrow ??! Am sure she can’t count

    Anyway, you have read the Count of Monte Cristo – and that’s what counts

    You are numero uno in my book

  2. I can count too.. Ah well, the list was not about people who spend all their time reading and commenting on blogs!
    I bet they didn’t read your post about how you made payasam. That would have prompted them to count you in! 😀

      • I knew you’ld ask. I didn’t realize I was logged in to that account. It was something a bunch of friends and I started a couple of years ago (private blog)! 😀
        Can’t count it as interesting tho’ – just a log of our recipes!

  3. and you can count in english, tamil, hindi, kannada, telugu (you can ask me for help if you need to), malay,..

    • telugu would be.
      and tengaaru (being senior among the rest)

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