sambar 2.1


the b.f.f to me on phone from Canada:

“first restructure your sentences with motherly love and then give me updates about the kiddies…”


one-week-old trivia filed and retained for AJ, who loves these things. apparently Lord Kama’s bow was made of sugarcane and his bowstring = a row of bees. AJ. if you already knew that.. hmpf.

friend chances on a few doodles i made on a paper months ago. “Did you write this when you were very troubled?” Blown away by her guess. Spot on. She’s now ex-friend. Upgraded to soulmate.


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    • soulmate is watching ‘kites’ today. if her fascination for bollywood continues, she’ll downgrade me to ‘acquaintance’

      • Hey! then she and my b.f.f. will be b.f.f’s too! According to my b.f.f’s husband, her version of reading the news is devouring the entertainment section of the times 🙂

  1. Didn’t know about the bow and arrow business. And still trying to figure out how it would work. We should let all the stupid love-struck youngsters know.. Cupid’s arrow.. not so lovely.

    • Love is but a sweet sting (ahem).

      One more local trivia:
      which of the following acronyms is most used by white house press corps?
      A. FLITR: first lady in the room
      B. AFOOT: air force one on time
      C. POTUS: president of the united states
      D: DAWA: don’t ask, [he] won’t tell

      answer: C

    • but if the soulmate knows i am quite bollywoodchallenged then she’s gonna downgrade me to ‘bystander’

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