10 minutes away…


a young couple committed suicide, after poisioning their 2 year old. they live 10- minute drive away from my home.

they were from mumbai. they moved in only a month ago…here’s the news item

just now, i read a news report that the couple were “despondent because their child was mentally retarded” and therefore took the extreme step.
very disturbing
and very sad


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  1. Gosh. I don’t know what to say. There must be more background we may never know of.

    Am already in shock over the Mangalore air crash today…my parents heard the ambulances and fire engines all day.

    • we were turning the news in our heads, over and over again.
      what kind of mental-hell were the parents (manish and nivedita wadhwani) living in… esp. on the prev.night.

      the suicide happened early in the morning.
      the mmmim often has dreams about planes and crash landings.
      and he said he had an eerily similar dream yesterday to the mangalore aircrash.

    • the mmmim is saying exactly that.

      i think of how difficult is for a mum — who has dressed, bathed, fed, cuddled her son of two years;

      the report says the kid’s parents stuffed his mouth and nose stuffed with cotton and he was given ratpoison.

      the mum’s heart would have stopped right there. flinging herself off 29 floors probably just killed her body

      very chilling tragedy richa.

  2. I can’t even let myself go to such a dark place in my thoughts. *Shudder*

    You have to be pretty ill (yes, depression is an illness!) to go this far – poor souls!

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