why dont i just make it an international contest number 3


1. exciting prize awaits whoever names the place where the photo was taken.

2. incase of a tie… name the monument.

3. one entry per person


22 responses »

  1. Looks like a Ghoul Convention at Halloween

    Exotic holiday in the Far East =>Definitely not North Korea

    Thinking ….. Resort/Quaint town/Beaches in the Far East => Mersing ?

    • big clue. we always search for a ‘bhavan’ ish restaurant when we make travel plans. the mmmim gets cranky when he has sandwiches on consecutive days

    • my ma was just talking about you a few hours ago ….

      i think i heard your hi before you keyed it in:-)

      • Hi to yours. gentle hug too, if she’s okay with it.
        I meet mine after nearly a month (she lives 30km away) tomorrow for lunch with the elder sibling (who lives 1000 km away). Somehow know you will understand the little skip in my heart today.

        • ma dislikes hugs (hey, nino’s mum i love your intuition– ‘gentle hug/ if she’s okay with it ‘)

          nino’s coming along too right? the meeting sounds like a lot of food and thought confluence

          chikkoo milkshakes for desert?

  2. OK. I’m late (and I’m reading your posts in reverse chrono order) and I’m trying to see why this TPL is saying lantern festival. She has the eyes of a hawk and memory of an elephant (while being as pretty as a nymph).. but I can’t see a darned lanternish thing in that picture!

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