a trip to an island which has waterfalls in sizes s,m, l and xl; a beach where the kids’ saw their first topless sunbather, boatrides into lagoons, flowers that stay on bushes, Buddhas, lanterns, trains that arent trusted, railway tracks that scissor into our road a dozen times in a three-hour drive, a footprint of Hanuman, sarees worn with frills, and 63 orphaned elephants …

and so what really strikes MMMiM as really unique…?

“did you notice that all the vehicles here have a yellow numberplate at the back and a white one in the front.”

and ‘firstborn’: “I thought the WC’s in the hotels were very high.

PS: contest is closed.
PPS: because this post is filled with at least six clues
PPPS: not to worry. prize gets carried over to contest number 4.


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    • we loved penang. about 11 of us crammed into a van with 21 bags, and we went off on this 6 hour drive to penang.
      we had to be almost poured out of the van though…

  1. Your Honour

    I object on behalf of all those who couldn’t figure it out even after seeing the six clues !!

    You give the prize to Shruti – and you get the block print Craftsy winner prize πŸ˜‰

  2. I am bypassing the contest . and even ignoring the subtle maligning of MMMiM and FB!!!

    But i want the saree with the frill as a prize. should i mail my address or land up at your door step?

    • what? you want the saree with the frill?

      i earmarked the hanuman footprint for you. i thought you’d love it

  3. Sri Lanka ..though I am not sure about footprints of Hanuman, beaches, waterfalls, orphaned elephants, sarees with frills all fit Sri lanka.

    • bang on. applause!!!!! hey you are first to clinch it. one post earlier and you would have won the prize…

      awesome usha!

    • he likes any activity that has to have him wear slippers and go out. he was at his best while mimicing a baby elephant drinking his milk in one gulp

    • yep. men who dont have any use for the whimsical, illogical or impractical.

      let’s hope baby param turns out different.

  4. this was my second visit tpl. I visited 8 years ago, and kinda left behind a part of me there. i went again to check if it was still there.

    but the mmmim put a damper on searching for lost hearts and such romantic sojourns,
    byhyperventilating with thousands of exclamation points — when he saw a tiny plate of french fries cost SL Rs. 500

    • LOL! The MMMiM sounds like me. I had a mini heart attack on finding a road side stall in Peurto Rico selling their entrees for $16. I can get a fancy meal for that price in my town.

      Did you get to speak in SL tamil? I love how they use neenga-vaanga-ponga even for kids.

      • yep. my mum was quoting writer Kalki. who after his travels to Ceylon, said that Tamil was v. pure in the island.

        even here in Malaysia, even the filmi radio show hosts , use v. little or no English.

        i never heard of paavikirathu (which i now know means ‘use’) even after all those years in chennai.

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