say shoo to the sue


sue and pals have been handed the red marker.
and the whole blimey blogworld is a bloodbath.

am i the only one to defend the right of the misuse? what’s with this perfectionisty streak you gals are having.
how come you ladies are so vocal and vociferous and voluble and verbal about rules.

stifle the urge to conform to messrs wren and martin.
mispell. go forth and mispel.
say the occasional “i can able to…”, put in too many r’s and too little s’s in harass.

say shoo to the sue.


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  1. wren ran. martin smarted.

    and i bolted from the red rules.

    mine english mined the depths of errors.

    its close tomidnight and i have abandoned the capital letter at the start of the sentence yet again.

    sue shall not sue. and if mark you must use purple instead of red. ok?

    dear me, i better stop this jabbering

    • ok. you dip-pun-ali started it off
      what is sue’s favourite halwa?



      why does sue dislike reduntant onamatopoeia ?

      because it ends up sounding like susu.


      i cant ignore the two language joke. i just love it. will think up more

  2. Seriously… Sur, you’re this close from having me nag at you.

    Gah. Blog na. Sanah stories. Do you want to make a grown Sue cry?

  3. now i shall make up sanah stories- she has become so “fully formed” and is so damn independent that i cant seem to ‘find’ the story.

    • girls are wonderful. i love the way their emotional antennae is in place — almost at birth.

      yay! sanah.
      and you sur note that your note is not acceptable

    • i hate to inhibitate urges to purges. but i love to inhibit purges to urge. above = yet another reason why i shouldnt talk on grammar (or anything) at all.

    • ummon. our lives have met in chennai. even before you commented here. i know you and of you…

      *i hope this is mysterious enough*
      **if it isnt i can try harder**

  4. Bah, excuses. Fine, blog about the weather. Or at least open the blog so I’m not reduced to nagging you at other blogs! 😛

  5. So many bloggers seeing red
    Harsh reprimands quickly being said

    Plebians condemned to the slammer
    For outsMartin’ Wren’s grammar

    The masses who weren’t privy to a convent
    Grimly termed verbally insolvent

    Finally cool voices of reason
    In this overheated slamathon

    • oh ma pv, that was semma hot

      and grammar us “thaiyir sadams” can grasp not

      i think sue was looking for what can grate
      and what in prose you love to hate
      but moi? a voice of reason. what? what! what?!

      • I was referring to Surabhi’s voice 😉

        Yours I added as a pluralizing consolation – since you graciously have unmoderated comments enabled on the blog 🙂

        **Rushing to Grab a Purple Ezhudhukol ****

        Its “Thayir”, not “Thaiyir” – unless Bangkok has started utilizing L.acidophilus

    • but you must admit it’s useful for this ditty:
      delhi, bombay, “kolkatta”
      unn kudumiyai pidichu izhukatta

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