top ten incoherently jumbled srilankan holiday factlettes


1. waiters serving the welcome drink in the hotel will actually tell you that they won’t serve the drink up in your room. even if you are holding one sleeping kid, one handbag and one Nikon bulky camera.

2. that would be Sri Lankan Rs. 500 (INR 250 ) for a tiny plate of french fries. In a very average restaurant. where the waiter dips his fingers into the water tumbler.

3. i went on a boatride… so much of Sri Lankan life to see, clothes hanging to dry, an opportunity to tell someone that our family hates all animals (firstborn told the boatman this), a baby crocodile, a lagoon, a fisherman, an all-white-kurtas Muslim boys cricket team, stories of the tsunami, of war and of peace

4. Just like tiny Ganesha statues punctuate Chennai’s roads, avenues and turns. It’s Buddha for Sri Lankans. And we were there during Buddha Poornima, when celebratory flags dotted the whole of Sri Lanka.

5. 17 = number of times our van was stopped by armed policemen. This was on a 3-day trip.

6. At the elephant orphanage: Elephants look tired. None of them had tusks. One was limping on three-feet. The children loved to see baby elephants downing milk from a bottle. But the MMMiM came away sad.

7. Srilankan grandmas’ preferred fabric for blouses/tops = hakoba. i dislike hakoba. i think it’s too er holey moley.

8. i always thought cabbage came from the supermarket. now i know better. it comes from a farm in Nuwara Eliya.

9. near a temple where Sita was allegedly kept imprisoned by Ravana there’s a giant hole in a rock. the locals call it hanuman’s foot print. the fervent believer in Hindu mythology (the mmmim )says he spotted a hanuman’s big toe likeness there as well.

10. the mmmim had sandwiches for breakfast, for three consecutive days.

11. “let’s buy “dilmah” brand of tea for everyone back home…” The MMMim tells me. This man doesnt know these things. He’s a very world-unaware kinda guy. No brands. No shopping. And no bread for breakfast is his policy. And he’s saying : “let’s buy “dilmah” brand of tea for everyone?”


Apparently the Sri Lankan cricketers used to wear the dilmah logo when they play against india. That’s how it stuck in his head.

firstborn makes a friend...


hanuman's footprint.


Srilankan Fresh


yet another hakoba grandma


at the elephant orphanage


this many elephants to look at... and the kids are making foot-print patterns in the mud


shall i count the ways... that baby param tortured us in the hotel rooms


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  1. Sadly Sandwich for breakfast is “Tolerated” only once in 15 days here as well …. but is wholeheartedly accepted when we go on vacations !!

    So which cabbage dish did you like best?

    • sandwiches turn the mmmim into “His Grumpiness” and he goes around the rest of the day with his face looking like he’s smelt a rotten cabbage.

      cabbage+ onion deep fried pakodas.
      cabbage + urad dal vada.
      or cabbage as a veggie.

  2. LOL at the pic where the kids are ignoring the elephants! Dhruv did that too sometimes…he would be standing next to a gigantic fella…and be mesmerised by a BIKE. Gawd!

    But I’m sure Dhruv would like to check out that footprint!

    The 3-legged ellie is so sad…how’d it lose the leg? Loved the pics and trivia 🙂

    • i dunno starry… it had to be whacked with a stick to get it moving.

      but the elephant’s spine was kinda straightened after doing so much walking only on 3 legs.

  3. and people kept telling me Sri lanka is one of the cheapest holiday destinations! 250bucks a plate for french fries doesnt sound like that!

    and shouldnt it be called top 11! yeah i am chindhi like that! :p

    loved the photos and where is my pack of Dilmah tea? so what if i dont ever drink tea! 😉


    • food and stay is expensive (and there arent a whole lot of Indian veggie joints)…

      but clothes shopping isnt. even in Kandy it was quite cheap.

      Hotels charge an exorbitant rate for “foreigners”

      Forget dilmah tea. meet me @ KL for a cuppa teh tarik.

  4. I want to know what is that red root vegetable that man has for sale? the one with long big leaves— Never seen that before.

    So what % of the trips expenses were spend on food, about 65%?

    I have been put off any srilanka trip by you and a colleague who was there at the same time as you!!!

    • isnt it a keerai of some sort? dunno, stray gray.

      65 per cent of the time was spent on “aiyo! how expensive” and “actually I am not really hungry, and i’ll skip lunch”

      no. you should should go. it was beautiful. more green than green. more quaint than quaint. more fresh than fresh.

      wait i’ll do a better written post, in just a minute.

  5. ok. not feeling so bad that I haven’t been able to save up enough to go see Sri Lanka. The husband says to say thankyou 🙂
    That elephant pic got me thinking… it’s maybe a landmine victim. and I want detailed stories of the baby param’s torture. and mmmim is just too precious 🙂

    • sri lanka is beautiful nino’s mum. You have to visit. In my jumbled incoherence,i seem to have put down all the wrong things…

      actually, baby param in the room wasnt as Nazi compared to baby param in the van, on a winding road up to a hill station.

  6. Interesting what you said about fodo prices – my BIL and family went there a couple of years ago, to a resort – and found it cheaper than a similar resort in India – I guess the price included food? Everyone talks about the quality of SL cotton clothing – my SIL got the loveliest of T-shirts there…BTW, all the grandmothers in my family are inveterate Hakoba-blouse-wearers 🙂 And I love the material – for kurtas and the like – ideal for summer…


    • may be we went wearing our KL mindset. food and stay are pretty cheap here — and v. good quality.

      another hakoba lover? i seem to be the only one who hates em.

    • hey! curd rice is also considered breakfast. so you can take back at least 60 per cent of the “wowowowowow…!”

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