forever srilanka


…i loved it there. this is my second visit. I went there with my parents eight years ago… and never forgot the land that’s more green than green.

that’s why I persuaded the mmmim to choose SriLanka.

i live on the sixth floor in an apartment in KL that has 18 floors. I’m tired of structures that tower over the world. Tired of towers and sky scrapers and high rises. And Sri Lanka is all houses. Rows and rows and rows of houses. How lovely is it be so grounded.

Wesak is a unique time to see Sri Lanka. Celebratory flags, paper lanterns dot the landscape. In the middle of a rattly road from Bentota to Kandy, a young boy flags our van down… He offers a tray and a big smile. Some sweet hot herbal tea and biscuits for us.

the boy with the biscuits...

a boy waves the flag on the road. a signal for travellers to stop

We are taken aback. Kinda shy to accept the kindness and hospitality of strangers.
“This is a tradition during this time of the year,” says our driver Darsana.

Buddha Land

I loved to see a Buddha statue at every turn and every nook. That the boatman was a Buddhist and so was our driver. Firstborn temporarily (only temporarily) stopped to chatter about Hanuman and try sit in the Padmasana like the Buddha.

How lovely it is… When beauty is not grand, afar, breathtaking and immense. Srilankan beauty is close and familiar enough to touch. Flowers that i cant name in colours that i cant describe. Beaches that are white. Evening skies that are pink. Waterfalls that are as tall as I am. Tea, made with machinery that is NOT state of the art (yay!)

When you visit SriLanka you know nature is close at hand.

more pix:

attention tpl. more hakoba...

how much fun veggie shopping can be...


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  1. Sounds like a fun trip …
    LOL at “Waterfalls that are as tall as I am”

    Did you get a chance to take soak yourself in any of them? (assuming it is warm water)

  2. We had Srilankan neighbors, who were practically like family until they moved back after 15 years in India.

    They were lovely people. Very very affectionate. The clothes we got as gifts have lasted forever. Once we outgrew them, my mom refashioned them into pillow cases and they are still in use.

    Coming from a war ravaged nation, they prized the peace our country had to offer. They told us about how they’d tune their radios to catch the military frequency, to know about an impending bomb attack and go hide in the basements. The hakoba clad grandma (ammamma) has fed us countless meals of idiyaapam and sodhi.

    We recently reconnected via FB 🙂

  3. Visited Srilanka about 5 years back and fell in love with the country.Specially loved Kandy.So much in love that we considered getting jobs in Kandy and moving there.We are also planning another trip sometime soon. 😀

    • kandy was great. i like nuwara eliya v. much too… wanted more time there.

      but sadly no more trips for me there — the mmmim wasnt charmed by srilanka

  4. 🙂 Beautiful …. Hubby has visited srilanka a couple of times (Would always take a 3 day transit on his way to dubai) .. N I just fell in love when he showed me the pics. Need to plan a trip to kandy, colombo soon 🙂
    the bag in my saree pic is a gift from srilanka too 🙂
    n lovely lovely pics …

  5. darn you. just when I was already to say no to the girls-only srilanka trip that’s being planned. and happily at that. sigh.
    beautiful pictures. hope to get to go there more often. love.

  6. gorgeous all the way! some day soon, i hope! maybe do my babymoon there? if only i didnt have to worry about goddamn maternity leave! sigh!


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