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i would have heard the songs from raavanan/raavan by 2011 (for the first time). considering there’s a time-delay in my catching up with Kollywood/Bollywood.

I am still in january 2010. love love love this lilting song from naanayam. spb and chitra.

hollywoodwise i am in 2006: watched casino royale today. ..(dubbed tamil version) very pouty james bond. no? anyways. off to google the story to understand the movie.


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  1. Hmm…tha raavan joke at my place:

    Bro in law singing Beeraaa Beera Beera Beeraaaa (stays in UP)
    2 year old neice: Arre Meira mousi toh Gurgaon mein so rahi hogi!
    yeah, their family now calls me Beera 😦

  2. hmm… am also so so behind in the movie section. am trying to catch up on all the nice movies I missed in the last 2 years since the little fellow was born.
    LOL at the googling to understand the movie story

    • moi not quite abreast of the latest in movieland . kids have only hastened the decay.
      and i thought james bond films meant action-packed and high-gadget. this one had nothing much

    • actually i just knew the tune — couldnt recall the words. so i tried to look for nanannanananana on youtube.
      i didnt get it.
      had to try various combinations before i found this song, on youtube.
      right there holding your hand when it comes to pathetic.

      the in-laws arent here…otherwise i’d be peaking nicely on questions about sun tv serials

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