from words to sentences


one hoped one’s toddler’s first full sentence would be an

“I love you ma”
“I love appa”
“I love big brother..”

etc etc

Baby Param yelled his first full sentence loud and clearly (for 18 floors of residents to hear). This while racing in the corridor, with an 8 year old, 5 year old and 4 year old.

with his 22-month-lungs he bellowed:


I think i should be glad that his first full sentence wasnt “pass the remote”


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    • i have a friend who can (still) sit on these bikes — and drive em around.

      v. annoying that some women in their 30’s can do that.

  1. Shows baby P is an assertive, confident and smart young man who will give competition to the biggest of opponents. Corporates must be queuing outside waiting to sign him

  2. Baby Param gets his style from the owner of this blog i think.

    No mush, only saying it as it is.

    And the timing with which he said”my turn” would have indicated the wit and the irony. of that i am sure!

    • ah sur. i see you continue to be in b. rangan mode (where he sees hidden depths that the filmmaker may not have intended to portray)

      where you see superior qualities in mine and mine progeny that we have no claim on.

  3. that means you can worry a little less about him. he’s got super power lungs and he’ll probably boo the bullies away(if there are any)

      • now my affection for b.param just shot up. i used to bite the bullies too.

        my fave was one where this boy stole a caramel chocolate from me and stuffed it into his mouth. i bit his cheek(the one on the face :D) and reasoned with my parents that “it’s the only way i can get the chocolate back!”

        we should meet. b. param and I will have a lot of tips to swap.

  4. a true 21st century baby!

    am not simply saying, but I do think you are the most entertaining (and intelligent) blogger among all the blogs I, succint, humorous, wise and good read all at the same time 🙂

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