how to annoy the mmmim@work– part one


Me to the mmmim: “never mind if you are too busy to talk and in a meeting. Just pass the phone to whoever is free, I’ll chat with them…”

guaranteed aaaargh generator. tried today and tested.


the bff is in gurgaon for a 10-hour stopover and sends me an email:

“Bloody hell! this place has to be seen to be believed. its not even a concrete jungle. it’s gawdy corporate america meets Indian showmanship– to manipulate India’s youth. Brainwashing and visual stimuli at its worst!”

wondering what she saw that set her off …
or was it jet lag….



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  1. You inspire me MiM. A call going through to the husband’s office NOW.
    And your BFF – no she was not suffering from jet lag. Gurgaon is to be seen to be believed.Pockets of Bombay aspire towards the same bubble like existence. But the bubble bursts when the bombay grime settles down. Voila, everything looks familiar again.

  2. Hey,
    My hubby’s comment was that if someone closes his eyes and puts him in Gurgaon, he would think that its America!

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