my ma is…


…someone I travel 4 hours to see; plan the trip months in advance while wishing the days speed by in a swish; and for who i shop to increase her twin addictions to sugared-slivers of dried-ginger (from a Mega Mall in Kuala Lumpur), and palm-sugar (tall brown cylinders of sweetness from Malacca.)

And what do we do when we meet? argue. disagree. squabble. play in loop.

(miss you, ma)


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  1. veetukku veedu vaasapadi..then on the day she is to leave, some strong resolutions like ” never to get angry with amma, or argue with amma” is taken only to be forgotten until the next departure

  2. My ma is a five minute walk away from me. She calls and says, “I am back( she travels ALOT on work), when are you coming over to see me?”
    I go over beaming, she looks past me, “Where is my grandaughter?”
    She calls to ask if I am home, “Havent seen you in a bit.” I open the door beaming, she looks past me,”Where is my granddaughter?”
    Yes, around these parts we go play in a loop.

  3. 1) Minu when are you coming to Mumbai, when I reach Mumbai,when are you going to leave?

    2)Minu not heard your voice in days hence I called ( This is after I called 2 days back)-
    Minu stop talking how loud you are and how much you talk!

    Sigh!Yeah – we play that in a loop too!
    Mums will not change:-)

  4. hah! I’m the younger sibling. My mom gets her fill of the squabble with elder sister. I just get two versions of their disagreements everyday !

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