this weekend, we move seven floors higher

i’ll miss the corridor. the place where i made friends with the neighbour. who is the best part of living on this floor.

yes. i know. i know that we’ll be still be in the same block, but never just round the corner:-(


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  1. Know how you feel! Last yr when we moved – we missed our neighbours the most – they are our family. Then they moved back home to India 6 months back – I’m miserable – my pillars have gone:-( I know what you mean by not there just around the corner!

    • we’ve had some really psycho neighbours back in india…

      (and i already dislike someone on my new floor) things promise to go very quickly downhill, me thinks

  2. Congrats on the seven-fold upward mobility !

    Throw a housewarming party and invite all your neighbours (old and new) for some food, festivities and fun !

    • i’ve grown to dislike one family in my two years of living here… and guess what I am moving to their floor!

  3. Oh I can relate to that. I cried my eyes out when my best friend moved to a house a few streets away. Told her it will never be the same as walking across the street 😦

  4. So now will your head be in the clouds?
    or will you have a cloudy head?

    A clouded vision?
    or a vision obscured by a cloud?

    ( sorry its the start of a day that promises to be crazy, had to begin on an, erm, silly note with no sur)

    • actually vision obscured by a cloud.

      i had a tree-top view on this floor — that’s when i realised i didnt know any of the names of birds to point out to my sons.

      — and now we are going to have the twin-tower view. bah.

      and sur always finds the right note.

      • Tell the kids that petronas is the name of a giant bird with two teeth, and that it likes to lie down, mouth agape.

        They will be suitably impressed with your bird knowledge and will know for ever that you are surely not bird brained.

        • some (no names) family members have compared me (instead of a summer’s day) to a goose.

          sur, am note sure that you can write off bird-brained bit

          • alone the goose can be silly, but together with her flock, she flies with the moon on her wings. bird brained or not, that would be a pretty sight with the petronas down below.

                • Only after you finish those two sums, and are now suitably prosaic,

                  i want you to look at the geese flying up in the moonlight…

                  • still looking down at the darned a,b,c sprinkled across myriad numbers. what geese? what moonlight?
                    you have brought back memories of midnight howling at the moon. werewolf style.
                    suitably chastised. i shall not spar. next you will bring back memories of more alphabets arranged arbitarily to indicate chemicals.

                    • that would be way too id of me.

                      chemistry was my brain’s concentration camp too. and in class XII.

                      a place where my mind emptied itself of all logic.

                      i have never recovered.

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