totally loving “an Indian Summer” by James Cameron.


written in 1974.

he talks about why he likes Madras…

“Madras has not the second-hand self importance of New Delhi nor the hysterical ugliness of Bombay, it is a million miles from the despairing horros of Calcutta. It is an agreeable, rather boring place; it is the sort of place I would be if i were a town.”


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  1. I live in chennai, and I don’t it like it yet. But the hate that came along with the kathri veyil last may(when i moved to chennai) has gone.

    must be ‘coz of family.

    • my marbles have been lost while i unpacked. do you think they rolled under the sofa. we’ll never know because no one cleans under the sofa

  2. Huh, he forgot the heat! in my definitely biased opinion, this praise belongs solely to Bangalore! šŸ™‚

    M (ducking rotten tomatoes thrown by lovers of MDS, but really – that HEAT!)

  3. look look, the maid in malaysia has done the great Indian disappearing act…

    hope all is well and it is only an act put on display to get the gasps and the applause. ( by the way no one is clapping…. where are you???)

    • oh sur. i am muddled. my house is a mess. (which is normal). i have guests for breakfast on consecutive days(which is crazy)
      i should hunt for those marbles

      • Let them lie scattered.

        Go down to your old neighbour and sit in the empty corridor and have some strong coffee/vodka or fruity wine/lemonade.

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