bothered quotient


feeling v. boxed in, with so many of the mmmim’s colleagues finding homes in our apartment. i cant exhale without bumping into someone i am not sure i really want to bump in.

and it is bothering me more than i want it to bother me.
~ “your son (age 3) STILL doesnt know English alphabet. He cant read and write yet. Do you want me to teach him… ”

~ “All i want for my son (in UKG) , is that he should come first in class.”

~ “because he is anoctober-born, he is missing out on being a year ahead. take kid y. he is a dud. but he goes to class 1 just because he is a january- born. in the long run this reason will cut into a year’s pay of my kid when he starts work in an organisation…”

all statements made by: my new neighbour


Flatscreen TV.
in the new home.
the mmmim hugged and kissed it. really.


and the friend on my earlier floor cried. at the silence. on our corridor.

also. predicting a dip in frustrations. coming up. a wedding that we have to move heaven and earth (and the mmmim) to get to chennai. next week.



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  1. I was adamant that we should not buy our house in the same locality as our friends. The husband thanks me now.
    cut into a year’s pay?? Whoa, I’ve never heard this logic before.
    mailed you.

  2. it is quite taxing living with people that you have to polite talk with! what does the lady want to do? ask her to give her child a headstart by putting him in the movies or something, for heavens sake!

    a wedding in chennai! wow! elai chappadu!! yummy! heard the summer is also not so bad.. 🙂

    • i know. somepeople should take a written test before getting into this parenting business.
      india trip = we all walk about looking like this 🙂

  3. Next time you tell her that she has simply missed out the new theory .. that kids should not be able to read or write till they are 7!

    “NO! Don’t tell me you don’t know this…” and then look very disappointed in her. Like,

    “I can’t believe you are such a out-of-date LOSER.”

    Failing that, will she conk if you push her off the 7th floor? Or does she have superpowers of Rottenness?

  4. tell these wonderful neighbours of yours that one crazy kook you know pulled her child out of a school where they did not mind her being august born and had put her in, and then this cracko put the child into a school where they are strrict and put her into jr kg all over again. and what is special about this school? they dont teach anything and make the kids get wet in the rain for most of the time they spend in school.

    once your lovely neighbours get this story they will be happy bitching and laughing at this wierdo( maybe they can contact my neighbours and bitch long distance)

    • lol!
      sur. actually for this neighbour i can click on ignore.

      but the office colleagues wives’ are everywhere…
      in the pool, in the lift, in my face.

      does this mean what i think it means: that i have to comb my hair everytime i go out?

  5. Just went thru that with my cousin who thinks double promoting her 5 year old from LKG to first grade is going to save her one year too, and is evidence of my niece’s brilliance. Gah!

    And I know what you mean. I tend to talk bad stuff about our apt and school, so we can continue having jolly friendships. I mean neighbours and classmates moms can’t be friends, mostly, right?!

  6. You just tell this person that there are people in my neck of the woods who love the fact that their child is a year behind because that means they are ahead of their class statistically and academically 🙂

    Wedding in Chennai, how fun. Too bad it doesn’t coincide with when I will be there next month 😦

    • i dont mind being behind academically/statistically. i just think the child should be happy and look forward to go to school.

      oh and sands… when i knew sole, i didnt know there was a sands …

  7. wedding and in Madras? ayyo..I wanna go too..u have fun..and eat 2 xtra vadais on my behalf.and whats with the worries abt kids? yuck those baby is going to be an OCT baby and I dont even care if he/she comes first or is the oldest/youngest in class.

  8. Re: flat-screen TV- you’re referring to yourself in a very covert way, right? Coz the first image that hit my head when I read it was of you standing al la Aish Rai in that ad I can’t be bothered to remember, and the husband kissing you.
    (I swear I didn’t watch porn before reading this.)

  9. Oh! People still do that Oct born thing!!! my FIL did it for my hubby so that he gets six months of extra work in his life!!! no actually, he was not getting any admission in any school because of his age factor (they had shifted from Assam to Calcutta) but this is really weird!
    And not able to read and write at 3…what does she expect…a PhD by 10 or something!!!!

  10. Welcome back.. missed u. 🙂
    Dinno u shifted homes.. or did ur neighbours chnage?? Boy! I’m muddled up.
    but hugsssssssss .. enjoy ur time in Chennai.

    • no i moved to the 13th floor to a slightly bigger unit — it has a store room (where we can hide many things before a guest drops in)

      and we can see genting from here on a clear night

  11. Ohh did i tell u this??? LOL. One of my neighbours said because lil p is sept born and would be among the youngest in the class, if she were to marry her classmate it would be ok because they would all be elder to her!!!! LOL.
    People have weird logic. 1 year pay indeed.
    PS: Lil p joined school at 2.9 because they took her and i wanted her out of the home!! Really wouldn’t mind if they asked her to repeat it too.

  12. I WANT to meet you and the boys! How can I blackmail you into giving me an invite?

    There are people in India who say that the child gets to lose “a year of eligibility while writing competitive exams” if he/she joins school at 3 and a 1/2.

    And she DARED to say that about precious b.param? sometimes i wish adults took to biting too. I sure would have, though she probably won’t taste all that nice.

    • Idhukku mela Blackmail, whitemail, email tevaiya enna ?

      MiM – Abi Meetup – Idhu Nadandhaal Iruvarum Tan Tarappai Sollum Oru Vivaramaana Padihvu Ezhudhavum (Pugaippadangaludan !)

    • @ PV: Abi goes to the gym. i will not meet anyone who is a gym-regular.

      in fact i will not comment on their comments.

      and isnt she like this slender thing?

      please tell her i dont meet anyone weighing less than 60 kgs unless they are under 12.

      • I weigh 65 kgs. The last six kgs are the ones that have been accumulated post wedding and the ones I want to shoo! away.

        but yes, i’m well above the weight cut-off. so you cant deny me passage 😀

  13. Yeah and to that list also add a weirdo who turned down (with both feet) the suggestion that her kid be pulled up two grades.
    Thats two years of the kid’s salary gone.

    And do you have a special highway between KL and Chennai?

  14. Thank you for the laughs. They made my day. I’m one of those who regrets being pulled up for a grade above. But I will so not repeat my parents’ mistake on my child (an oct. born).
    Request permission to use ” My way is highway”. I already have a list of people I would like to use it on.

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